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Appendix I

by Evgueny Faydysh

Appendix III


Appendix II



The images of our planet as alive spiritual being have been known since the very ancient times. Naturally in the epoch of the vulgar materialism all this was claimed silly prejudices and fairy-tales. The present ecological and spiritual crisis is up to the great extant a result of treating Earth as a huge storing place, a source of raw materials. Now we start to understand the limited and narrow character of this attitude, which was proved by the last discoveries of physics and psychology that have changed our imagination of reality, making it closer to the ancient mysticism.

Modern scientific research, devoted to the studies on the process of self-regulation in complicated nonlinear systems, has shown that development and normal functioning of a single living organism and the whole biosphere is generally defined by weak informational connections and interactions. It is they and not movement of huge energies and masses that after all define adaptive abilities of the planet's biosphere.

Furthermore the existence of those informational connections justifies the use of computer analogies in description of the processes of self-organization in biosphere. In other words, one can speak of the existence of the hierarchically organized system of regulative mechanisms at the level of separate eco-systems and at the level of the whole planet (66). Naturally such regulative mechanisms are not located in some points of the planet, as computers we are used to, but present a distributed system that cannot be parted from the biosphere as such. Variable myths about spirits of nature, subtle shamanic worlds seem to be an echo of such imaginations.

This way from the point of view of the modern science the maintaining and proper functioning of our planet is first of all defined by the hierarchy of the most complicated informational connections. In this respect the biosphere of Earth is a kind of the gigantic super-computer, thus balance and self-recovering of ecological systems in different corners of our planet depend on its successful functioning. As the opposite it's malfunctioning and growing chaos lead to destructive processes in biosphere, suddenly increasing entropy (67, 68).

All this makes the wider look at our biosphere as at the living organism with complicated informational mechanisms of self-regulation, strictly interacting with human mind and human biologic energies, absolutely necessary. From this point of view the state of our civilization, our health is defined not only by the purity of the environment but also by the reaction of noosphere of Earth on our actions and ideas.

Hence, one of the main tasks is maintaining of the normal functioning of the mechanisms of self-regulation of the planet's biosphere-noosphere. That demands understanding the principles and laws of their work, finding channels of informational interaction with the regulative mechanisms of biosphere, ways of their correction. Here the significant role can be played by the studying of the experience of ancient civilizations and searching its sense in the present time.

Our attitude is based on the imagination of biosphere as the whole organism with independent behavior, ability of self-regulation and self-organization, resistance towards strange influences and maintaining useful and good influences, processes and communities connected with them. In this case the comparison of Earth to the human organism, which has been known since the ancient times, is seen not only as a poetic metaphor but as a reflection of real planetary processes. This point of view is supported by philosophical-religious conceptions of the majority of ancient civilizations of our planet and by the latest discoveries of the modern physics, cybernetics and psychology.

One of the deepest reasons of the modern ecological crisis seems to be connected with too fast development of the human civilization and its techno-sphere. Any natural system, including biosphere, develops much slower and is not able to catch up with our civilization. That leads to the growing split, disbalance between biosphere and techno-sphere of the planet and the higher probability of switching on the 'alarm' mechanisms of self-regulation of the biosphere of Earth. These mechanisms use harsh, destructive influence (catastrophe scenarios) which took place in the history of our planet more than once.

From this point of view several primary tasks can be distinguished:

  1. To understand how to activate and maintain the normal functioning of the self-regulation mechanisms of the planet's biosphere.
  2. To find parameters of homeostasis, detected by those mechanisms, to define corrective influences which are used, how the situation may develop in the case of this or another breaking of the ecological balance and planetary homeostasis as a whole.
  3. To learn the 'soft' correction of self-regulation mechanisms of the earthy biosphere (the softening of the inadequate 'allergic' reactions), creation of new scenarios of self-regulation, taking into account human civilization and its techno-sphere and, possibly, helping to solve the problems of humanity).

The solution of the enumerated above tasks supposes conducting of the fundamental research in the following directions:

1. Studying of interconnections between the state of the planet's biosphere (the level of its general chaos, lack of balance in separate eco-systems) and psycho-emotional state of individuals and social groups, human communities. The analysis of eventual synergy or resistance of self-regulation mechanisms of biosphere towards individuals or groups whose activity has a destructive character. The study on variable kinds of reactions of biosphere, neutralizing or removing the source of chaos:

  • influence on human psychics and human populations (lack of strength, weakened immune system, depression, suicide, unmotivated aggression etc.; as a result wars, local conflicts, decreasing of births, moral and intellectual degradation);
  • influence on techno-sphere (failures and lower stability of directing systems and mechanisms, resulting in serious catastrophes and accidents up to Chernobyl);
  • growing bad influence of the natural environment (weather conditions, natural cataclysms, earthquakes, greater volcanic activity, floods etc.);
  • synchronism, negative influence on possible ways of development of situation, coincidences (constant misfortune, situations developing according to the worst scenarios);
  • changes in distribution of nega-entropy streams on the earthy surface: disappearance of biogenic zones and instead appearance of ones with negative energy.

2. Studying possible informational channels, enabling influence on the biosphere's self-regulative mechanisms in order to decrease the chaos. In this respect certain geographic zones of Earth, known since the ancient times as places of power or holly places, are particularly interesting. These are places where ancient civilizations and religions, mystic cultures and traditions were established. Modern research proves that as a rule they are situated in special zones characterized by geologic anomalies, unusual geophysical fields.

The majority of human cultures, to start with cam traditions up to great ancient civilizations, associated such places with an opportunity to contact higher levels of our universe and obtaining with their help harmony between human and nature. According to those imaginations, variable cult constructions built in these places played a huge role in well-being of a given society, harmonizing relations between its members and natural environment. They are stone circles, stupas, pagodas, mantra wheels, chapels etc.

Such places of power in the ancient times were treated as a kind of Earth's acupuncture points, regulating the processes of the planetary homeostasis. From the modern point of view this does not lack sense. Research on nonequlibrium open systems, to which Earth's biosphere also belongs, has proved the existence of certain zones extremely sensitive to external influences and able, in their turn, strongly influence the work of the whole system. Perhaps, such points were discovered in ancient times as places of power. There is no need to speak of the great importance of the conscious use of such informational channels for recovering of the normal functioning of the planet's biosphere and resisting rapidly growing chaos.

Ancient civilizations paid great attention to the places of power. Furthermore there were special mechanisms, strengthening their good influence on humans and environment. These are megalithic constructions: menhirs, dolmens, stone circles which existed even seven thousand years ago; later constructions, particularly widely used in Asian region, are stupas, pagodas etc.; there are also psycho-energetic mechanisms; Tibetan mantra wheel is, probably, the best known among them.

Unfortunately, the knowledge of the aims and methods of work with such constructions is lost in our days, especially in European countries. That is why we have used the comparative analysis of variable ancient traditions together with modern scientific concepts in order to restore the principles of work with those ancient constructions.

Let us now concentrate on our research on megalithic constructions of Western Europe which was conducted with our colleagues from Scotland, England and France. We were studying megalithic complexes of Corsica, France (Albi, Brittany) and Scotland (Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Findhorn, Samye-Ling). The main part of the research and experiments was conducted in Scotland.

According to our imaginations, stone circles had the following basic functions:

  • for the first they were a kind of liaison stations for the contact with cosmic teachers of humanity, in the terms of the modern language, with informational levels of biosphere (68);
  • for the second, they worked as powerful nega-entropy generators ('pumps' pumping the chaos out of the environment), this way they maintained harmony and order in surrounding biocenosis;
  • for the third, they were connected with acupuncture points of our planet (places of power) and, hence, played a significant role in harmonizing all Earth's noosphere and maintained constant contact between it and humanity.

From this point of view stone circles present the oldest ecological constructions of our planet. Let us examine this in a more detailed way.

Many ancient communities knew special mechanisms which according to them purified and harmonized informational environment of our planet. Mantra wheels common in Tibet are one of them (picture 47). It is an empty cylinder, spinning around the axis. Its size may vary from several centimeters to several meters. Smaller wheels are held in the hand and are spun by its slight movement. Bigger wheels can be found in great numbers near the temples and other holly constructions. Besides they can be situated in variable parts of landscape sometimes very distant from human homes and be spun by the energy of wind or water in the mountain spring. Such wheels are connected by a small turbine and are spun day and night. It should be mentioned that all mantra wheels move in the direction of clock's hands if we look at them from above.

Figure 47. Tibetan with a mantra wheel.

Tibetans believe that spinning mantra wheels generate energy, harmonizing and purifying the surrounding space. For that reason they can be seen practically anywhere. Certainly, materialistic science treated the good influence of mantra wheels as a silly prejudice. Yet, the discoveries of the modern science allow looking at them from the totally different point of view. The research on so called torsion fields, appearing in the process of spinning of massive cylinders, cones and other objects, proved their visible biologic, physical and chemical influence (62). Furthermore, now it is clear that we deal with absolutely new type of physical fields, connected with spin polarization of the physical vacuum (69).

This explains that the plenty of mantra wheels, spinning in Tibet, Nepal, Sikkim and other countries makes hidden but very important work, harmonizing and purifying the invisible field environment — the most meaningful part of the planet's biosphere. In other words, a mantra wheel is a kind of ecological gadget, a kind of 'entropy pomp', decreasing chaos and disorganization of the environment.

Nevertheless, these mechanisms, discovered in the ancient times, have some know-how, missing in modern spin-torsion generators. First of all, these are mantras, working as modulators of spin-torsion fields. In fact the kind of the mantra defines the nature of the influence of the generator. In other words, the main effect is connected not with the energy of radiation but with its informational ingredient, modulated by the semantic structure of the mantra. In this respect studies on ancient archetypal signs and mantrik formulas deserves the greatest attention of the modern science.

Megalithic constructions, stone circles among others, can be another example of ancient constructions that seemed to have some ecological functions. Usually a megalithic complex includes a rather complicated system of stones dug in vertically and placed in one or several circles, put in raws or forming different mazes (70). The location of stones is as a rule related to the orientation points in the sky (Polar star, Zodiac constellations etc.). For that reason megaliths were often treated as a kind of ancient observatories.

As a rule any megalithic complex has a kind of the focusing point, a ritual spot. This can be a stone altar, a temple or simply a flat stone. That provokes the comparison between 'standing stones' of the megalithic construction and well known in physics gitter, fazed antenna — a gadget able to concentrate and focus electro-magnetic energy in a certain direction. Even more interesting hypothesizes about mechanisms of action of stone circles appear during the use of modern models of physical vacuum and conception of torsion fields.

If we suggest that megalithic complex serves focusing energies coming from the space this will explain the precision of the correlation between the location of stones and star sky. And, certainly, the complex should be connected with the energies of Earth; hence, the position of megaliths and their attachment to landscape are not occasional. According to our Scottish and Irish colleagues, stone circles are usually situated over the place of the cardinal change of water stream's direction (siphon).

The studies on geometric form of the circles, their position in the landscape allowed making hypothesis, concerning the mechanism of their possible anti-chaotic, biogenic influence on the environment. Modern spin-torsion generators do not use spinning metal cylinders or cones any longer. A whirl electro-magnetic field appeared to be enough (actually a whirl can have any physical nature: hydrodynamic, acoustic etc.) (62). If we look at the Celtic stone circles from this point of view we will see that they seem to be the same torsion generators in which invisible field whirls spin.

As it has already been mentioned, the research, conducted by Scottish scientists has proved that stone circles are as a rule situated on energy leys and the stream of underground waters goes under them, besides it often makes a siphon. The shape of the stone circle itself is organized so that the stream, going through it, will whirl more or less as whirls appear around stones in the river. Obviously, the size of such invisible whirls would be much bigger than usual mantra wheels which results in significant radius of action.

Our research has also proved the existence of unusual field effects near the megaliths. Specially made electronic sensors, fixing changes of entropy values of physical fields, were used during the experiment. The lower level of entropy — parameter, speaking of high biogenic abilities of the place — was registered in stone circles, especially in focusing zones. May be this explains surprising durability of the stone circles in Scotland. They are from three to seven thousand years old and are often placed on farmers' fields but managed to remain unharmed up to our days. Farmers seem to intuitively feel good influence of the torsion radiation of the stone circles, concerning also agricultural plants and animals and for that reason they try not to destroy them.

Stone circles with relatively simple geometric structure are one of the most convenient objects of research. They usually consist of vertical stones put in circle. The number of stones varies from four to twenty. They are two or more meters high. One of the stones is usually flat and is put vertically between two standing stones. As a rule the energy focusing spot or a kind of altar are situated next to it. Picture 48 presents the scheme of one of the stone circles, 'Eastern circuses', placed not far from Aberdeen in Scotland we worked with it in the spring of 1997. The particular feature of this circle is edges, lifted over the ground, which gave it the name of circus. It was built about three thousand year before our era. The study on this and other circles has proved that minimal entropy value (energy focus) is observed right next to the flat stone, i.e. it works as a kind of reflector, focusing nega-entropy (anti-chaotic) radiance, collected by the 'standing stones'.

The studies on anti-chaotic influence of the stone circles, connections with biogenic influence on the environment explain mechanisms of their influence on human psychics. Still, the fact of such influence itself is the most interesting thing. The main aim of our experiments was examination of special features of altered state travels in the sphere of influence of the stone circles.

Traveling was done by people with significant experience of work in ASC. The attention was paid to the easiness of obtaining the ASC, subjective evaluation of the depth of such travel, the 'remoteness' of the contacted world according to the scale of subtle worlds and, certainly, the nature of images, visions, unusual and unexpected character of the obtained information.

We have used psycho-techniques from variable ancient tradition during our work with circles. So the choice of the place for every participant was made correspondingly to the principles of Tibetan and Chinese geomancy (Feng Shui). On the basis of the birth date the personal trigram was calculated it defined person's position in the circle. Attachment of eight trigrams to the circle conducted with the help of Feng Shui compass is presented on the picture 48. This way the best conditions for interaction of psychic energy of a given person with the energy of the stone circle was ensured from the very beginning.

Figure 48. Trigrams attachment to the stone circle Eastern circus in Scotland.

Mudra keys and mantras of the five primary elements form the Japanese Tantra tradition were used to activate the energy of the circle before the work was started. Then participants simultaneously visualized spinning fractal Tibetan mantra wheel in the center of the circle and worked with mantra OM MANI PADME HUM in order to strengthen harmonizing influence of the circle on the environment.

During the travel the elements of psycho-techniques of meditation on mandalas from Indian Tantra tradition were used. The stone circle itself was visualized as the mandala (yantra) and its layers, starting from the center, were connected with the corresponding chakras of participants' bodies.

When the work with the circle was over the exercises from Tyan-Chzhun chi-kung (China), oriented on balancing of participants energy and harmonization of the environment, were done.

Although the elaboration of such synthetic psycho-technique was not an easy task, for the elements taken from different traditions were supposed to match each other, it has fully justified itself and appeared to be highly effective and safe for participants.

The results of experimental travels have proved that megalithic constructions form very unusual ASC. The majority of participants agreed that the stone circle 'throws' very far away, i.e. it seems to screen and neutralize the subtle informational background which normally disturbs the deep travel and blocks it. The coats of subtle world which are connected with the spirits of nature and demonic beings, rests of the dead people practically did not penetrate the circle. The depth and speed of the travel in ASC were also unusual. Experienced participants did not have to use any special psycho-techniques as breathing, work with chakras, mantras etc. After preliminary exercises, the slight relaxation was enough.

The interesting thing is that the appearing images were often connected with space ships, higher civilizations, and other parts of our Universe which does not take place in ASC too often. Practically all participants had images of the whirl energy, spinning in the circle. One more indirect support of the activation of the circle's energies was cows that came to the circle from the fields in the end of our work. Usually they do not pay any attention to the visitors, for the circles are extremely popular tourist objects, and try to keep distance. The first computer scan of this circle, made two years later in the autumn of 1998, gave the image with mandala OM MANI PADME HUM in the back ground (see Appendix 4). This can be an indirect support of the fact that the stone circle has certain informational memory.

This way it is necessarily to examine in details and scientifically base the main principles, defining the balanced relations between human (humanity) and biosphere-noosphere of our planet. We should pay attention not only to the well known traditional aspects of ecology but also to informational levels of the self-regulation of Earth's biosphere and psychologic motivations human behavioral mechanisms, psycho-energetic and psychotronic aspects strictly connected with them.

From this point of view following problems can be distinguished:

  1. The analysis of the problem of informational rubbish in Earth's biosphere, its chaotization, ways of resistance towards the growing chaos.
  2. Studying of informational mechanisms of the self-recovering of planet's biosphere-noosphere (self-organization) based on modern concepts of synergetic, theory of chaotic systems. Nonequlibrium thermodynamics and also examination and wide use of ancient traditions. The search of possible ways of activation of the self-organization mechanisms, their maintaining at the level of individuals and the whole humanity.
  3. The research on protective mechanisms of the planet's biosphere (planetary immune system), the search of the ways of effective interaction with them.


Appendix I


Appendix III


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