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Appendix II

by Evgueny Faydysh

Appendix IV


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Effectiveness and safety of the work in ASC up to the great extant depends on the right choice of the place of travel its preparation and design. These things define the character and direction of the streams of vital energy, interaction with subtle world. Those matters have been paid great attention since the ancient times. There were huge fields of knowledge devoted to psycho-energetics of the places of dwelling, work and spiritual practice of the human. These are variable geomantic traditions among which Tibetan and Chinese Feng Shui became especially popular during last years.

This is an ancient geomanty, i.e. tradition, studying connections of vital energy, Chi, with landscape, house, its plan, location and inner design, in other words, with the environment of the human. Such traditions were present in many cultures but became particularly well developed in China, Japan and Tibet. In some sense Feng Shui reminds of acupuncture. The difference is that Feng Shui studies the circulation of vital energy outside the human body and acupuncture — inside.

Chinese and Tibetan Feng Shui tradition is more than seven years old. However, now, being enriched by discoveries of the modern science, it experiences its second birth all over the world. English royal family, Pope John Paul II, the largest concerns and banks in the world are service users of Feng Shui specialists.

Yet, in spite of such great popularity not everybody have access to the really effective use of Feng Shui, for it demands high professionalism. This first of all includes individual choice of all elements of the design, having in mind particular person, his or her social and psychological problems and location of the house. In other words if everybody will be advised to hang the chimney over the door and put magic mirrors on the walls such 'Feng Shui' would be not much use.

Naturally, Feng Shui embraces a wide range of matters, concerning the place where a person lives. Let us now concentrate on its aspects connected with altered states of consciousness and transpersonal psychology. They can be defined as transpersonal Feng Shui. This concept includes not only ancient tradition but also modern features of our homes as developed techno-sphere (variable gadgets and mechanisms of daily use and power and informational fields radiated by them) and modern psycho-energetic gadgets, developing ancient ideas and principles of Feng Shui on the modern technical basis.

The first matter of transpersonal Feng Shui is the right choice of the good place for the future travel. Here the methods of dowsing (L-rods or pendulum) can be used in order to avoid zones with negative energy. It is good to know the history of a given space and place where the house is built. Naturally, the places of bad crimes, mass murders or previous cemetery are not suitable for an integrative training or meditation.

Any room keeps the information of previous events that have taken place in this space; especially with they were connected with great emotional tension. Such informational matrixes interact with people, being in the altered states of consciousness, and deform the process or can provoke strong negative effects. That is why the cleaning of the place of travel is very important. The cleaning should be especially accurate before the first travel in the place which has never been used for this. The complexity and durability of the cleaning depends on the history of the given space and place, the degree of its informational dirtiness. It is also good to clean from time to time later.

At the present time the wide spectrum of ways of purification of the place from negative energies and informational matrixes is known. Some part of them has come from the ancient times; some were discovered during last years. In order to understand the general principle of the purification we should remember that psycho-energetic structures belong to dissipative systems, existing only in the streams of information and energy. As a rule such structures (psycho-energetic matrixes and beings) are organized as whirl fields (acoustic, electro-magnetic, hydraulic etc.). such structures can be destroyed by sudden outburst of energy that deforms them. Let us remember that tornados — one of the kinds of energy — were distracted by shooting in them from guns.

This feature of psycho-energetic formations was well known in ancient China. Variable petards, shots, rackets, fireworks were used by Chinese to remove evil spirits, werewolves etc.

That way remains pretty effective also in our days. This for example can be done with the starting gun. One should remember that the louder and harsher the sound is, the stronger the purifying influence is. The effect can be strengthened if the gun is loaded with powdered herbs. Wormwood, juniper, thyme give good results.

Powerful electric high-tension charge (mini-thunder) also has a good purifying influence. In this case the acoustic wave is helped by ionizing influence and the powerful energetic outburst in electro-magnetic diapason. Up to the certain extant the effect of the high tension charge can be obtained due to the use of influence machine.

Good additional purifying influence can be given by flesh-lamp used in photography. It allows influencing dissipative structure sensitive to optic part of electro-magnetic diapason.

The next effective factor also known since the very ancient times is ionization. Naturally, nowadays there are much more technique means, acting in this way but the oldest among them — fire has not lost its meaning. This can be a flame of a candle or lampade, aromatic sticks and wormwood cigars. It is better go around the room with this fire several times, paying special attention to corners. According to Indian and Tibetan tradition this should be done in the direction of Sun movement (clock hands) and the number of times should be divisible by three (three, six, nine, twelve etc.). Modern available means with ionizing influence are ultraviolet lamp and high-tension ionizer.

The purifying influence is based on the fact that in the ionized air the loss of energy in a dissipative system, formed by electro-magnetic fields, grows; its stability decreases which results in its destruction. The blade works in the similar way, for the tension of electro-static field visibly grows there. That is why in ancient times people put swords next to them with their blades up or made the fence of sharp metal sticks in order to protect themselves from evil spirits.

The mechanism of influence of variable aromatic substances also used in ancient times is more complicated. This influence is already informational it decreases chaos, has ordering effects and this way resists the invasion of negative beings. It works as mantra, ritual music and mandalas of which we will speak later.

Accumulative substances (absorbents) and geometric structures that absorb and locate negative informational matrixes work in a different way. In shamanic tradition this task was fulfilled by tobacco leaves and European magic used garlic. They were put in the cleaned room for one or several days and then taken away and burnt.

In practice the best effects are achieved by matching of destructive and absorbing methods. Certainly, it is very important to clean the room, remove dust and dirt which increase chaos, create informational channel for the invasion of negative forces.

When the room is purified the appropriate environment for the travel should be created. For the first, this is protection. Magic tradition knows a great number of variable protective techniques. They are mantras, magic signs, special amulets etc. Besides the geometry of the room it can make it impenetrable for negative energies. For example one can build crystallic structure, using metal pipes, and place holonauts inside. The simplest version of such structure is Egyptian pyramid. One of the most complicated framework metal forms was elaborated by American healer Eva Vit and is used by her for the correction of patients' psycho-energetics in altered states of consciousness. It should be stressed that absolute sizes are not that meaningful in framework metal structures, the most important thing is to keep the proportions. The adequate choice of shape of such structure ensures not only protection but also forms the exit channel to the higher levels of reality.

Our research on creation of such crystallic forms has proved the effectiveness of the use of conception of sinergetics and mathematical theory of fractal sets.

Proper protection can be also achieved by relatively simpler means. We have elaborated psycho-energetic resonator where crystal-alike structure is formed by power lines of the magnetic field. It can create the protective screen with the radius up to seven meters. It protects from malicious influence of zones with negative energy and form the invasion of negative beings. It is made of a piece of amber with metal ball, hanged vertically up on the thin thread in the strong magnetic field (as a pendulum hanged up side down). The amber is in magnetic field and micro-vibrations lead to its constant oscillation. So the geometric crystal-alike form shaped by the lines of magnetic field is slightly dissolved and this way obtains features of a dissipative structure. Previously elaborated in psychotronic generator amber carries the program, defining the protective qualities of the gadget (see picture 49).

Figure 49. Psycho-energetic resonator.

We have also elaborated a mechanism, forming crystal-alike shape of reflected many times by mirrors rays of He-Ne-laser. Such form also has features of a dissipative structure that significantly increase the effect of its influence.

The good protection and channel are given by the use of meditative diagrams, mandalas and yantras which were first known in India and then reached Tibet and China. Those mandalas on the walls of the room create optimal psycho-energetic environment, naturally this gives effects only in the case of regular meditation on them and reading of corresponding mantras especially before the travel.

There are plenty of such meditative diagrams but three types of mandalas are especially effective for the forming of appropriate environment for the integration. They are demons entrapments, giving purifying effect, mandalas of furious gods, ensuring protection and mandalas, resonating with higher levels of reality, among which Sri yantra is one of the oldest and strongest. According to Indian Tantra, it is the imagination of the chakra of our universe and the image of eternal time. Its simpler version is monochromatic with bright-red contours.

The ritual conducted directly before the travel plays a very significant role for the forming of the appropriate psycho-energetic environment. Its aim is to purify psychics and energetics from negative factors that drive attention away, to form the channel to higher levels of reality and ensure protection. This task can be fulfilled by the wide range of traditional and modern means. One of the simplest ways of such preliminary meditations looks as follows.

At first the room is circled nine times with the aromatic stick or a candle in the direction of clock hands movement. Then holonauts and assistants take one of the meditative positions (vadjrasana, padmasana) and repeat IM mantra twelve times, visualizing the sign, corresponding with it. This mantra from Kunta-yoga gives protective, purifying and harmonizing energetics effect. Then each participant mentally sends the image of love for all living beings in four geographic directions: forward, to the left, to the right and backward). This meditation, named 'the Cross of Budha space' ensures protection from negative influences.

Then the Tibetan mantra OM-BHUR-BHUVAH-SVAH is said. This mantra is called 'the Spell of the three worlds' it purifies the mind, removing thoughts, disturbing deep meditation and travel. Finally participants concentrate on the higher levels of reality with the help of one of the most ancient mantras, the central Buddhist mantra — OM MANI PADME HUM. At the same time the ray of golden energy is visualized it goes to the heart chakra from which this energy is radiated as a green-blue cloud to all beings needing help (people, animals, plants etc.). As it has already been mentioned, the number of mantra repetitions should be divisible by three.


Appendix II


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