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Appendix III

by Evgueny Faydysh

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The vast majority of the modern mechanisms for studying and objectivization of biologic fields are based on the traditional technology of consequent elaboration of the signal. In this case at first special sensoric element (sensor) percepts the signal then it is analyzed, elaborated and defined. In other words, the atomic paradigm 'to part first and then put together anew' is used. Such attitude is not bad in usual techniques but rather cannot be applied in complicated nonequlibrium systems and alive beings. Imagine what you will get if you first cut a living creature in pieces and next try 'to put them together anew'.

The special feature of all living beings and other nonequilibrium systems is their wholeness and absolute 'unseparateness'. Correspondingly the suggested methods of objectivization of informational fields are based on holistic principles and modern concepts of quantum mechanics and synergetics. In this case separate functional elements (sensors, analyzers etc) cannot be distinguished. They seem to be 'dissolved' in the whole system as such and are not located in any concrete place as it is impossible to point any concrete element of imagination in a hologram.

Such 'holographic' or, being more precise, fractal principle of organization is typical for alive objects, complicated ecological and social systems. Only during the last years it started to penetrate modern technique, basing on qualitatively new scientific paradigm of quantum mechanics, synergetics, fractal sets theory. One of the examples of such attitude can be neurochips already widely used in modern technique and the new, rapidly developing field of quantum computers (71).


4.1. Concept of time

In order to understand how to read the information from past and future we will first concentrate at the concept of time itself and the nature of cause-consequence connections. We will examine the model of time, unifying imaginations of modern physics and ancient concepts of Tantra philosophy.

Modern orthodox science is attached to extremely primitive model of time. It places past, present and future at so called axis of time where the future is determined by the reasons from the past. The brightest version of this model is expressed philosophic determinism, comparing the universe to the huge clock organism and the past absolutely monosemantic defines the future. There is no need to mention that this concept of linear, strictly determined time lacks the freedom of will but it also does not have much in common with data of modern physics, first of all quantum mechanics and thermodynamics of nonequilibrium systems. Nevertheless, this particular imagination of present, past and future is deeply rooted in the mind of an average person. That is a reason of great popularity of false astrology where the position of planets strictly determines human destiny and primitive interpretations of karma as irreversible destiny that cannot be escaped and is conditioned by previous acts.

According to such concept, any fortune-telling is treated as irreversible and absolute doom. Still, if we turn to ancient esoteric traditions and fortune-telling systems developed in them we will se a totally different picture. One of the most perfect fortune-telling systems Chinese Book of Changes sees the future as a set of more or less probable tendencies where the realization of one of them is defined by the person's behavior. This way the fortune-telling process defines a kind of a 'corridor' inside of which you can choose the needed direction. In other words, reasons from the past only create certain inclinations and do not strictly determine the future.

The concept of time is very deeply developed in Indian and Tibetan Tantra tradition. They treat the time as a stream, coming from the future and giving birth to the present in the process of interaction with the world of objects, the present constantly changes this world. European tradition believes that time moves from past to future which results in determinism of cause-consequence connections.

From this point of view cause-consequence connections are rather an illusion, for any strict conditioning of future by past cannot be taken into account. Here one can only speak of the spectrum of virtual (possible) futures.

This can be easily proved by a simple mental experiment. Imagine that your or your friends' destiny has changed in the future in the most variable ways. You have become rich or poor have done career or stuck at the old position, have emigrated or stayed where you had been. Any of so different turns of destiny can be simply explained by the reasons, lying in the past. That means that your past does not determine anything in the future in the best case it just changes probable tendencies.

A modern person reminds of a driver who tries to drive a car with his back turned towards the road. The landscape running backwards is reasons, lying in the past. If it is a one way road without drastic turns this way of driving may work out. However, anything unexpected in front of you leads to the catastrophe. Tantra pays huge attention to special methods, enabling 'the turn in the direction of the movement'. They are even defined by a special term Paravritti — turning around. A person skilled in them gets an opportunity to choose one of the time streams, flowing from future, and consciously form his or her destiny. Yet, such level can be achieved only after many years of esoteric practice.

In this respect the use of fortune-telling systems is much easier. If we once again use the analogy of the driver you do not turn your face towards the direction of the movement but use a small mirror to look forward from time to time.

Unfortunately, the volume of the chapter does not allow concentrating in the more detailed way on main ancient and modern concepts of time and its nature. That is why we will examine the hypothetical concept, elaborated by the author on the basis of generalization and synthesis of modern physical models and esoteric teachings — Tantra, Taoism and Book of Changes. Naturally, its complete version will not be presented here we will concentrate only on aspects directly connected with fortune-telling.


4.2. Virtual time

The model is based on the imagination of virtual future that has already been discussed above. In other words any object or process of our world has many versions of future which can realize with variable degree of probability (see picture 50). Obviously, the further in future we see, the greater the spectrum of opportunities is. Although some kind of self-focusing is also possible then different variants of destiny join together again, often in the distant future. This possibility is reflected by variable ancient and modern stories of doom and fate. A good metaphor of such imagination is the movement up the river's delta, consisting of many meandering armlets and canals. Each of them reflects one of the versions of destiny. Its wideness is an analogy of the probability of choice of this version of the events development.

Figure 50. The arrow of time.

In the given model the stream of time (virtual future) goes from future to present and is opposite to the traditional arrow of time. The stream of virtual future is in its turn defined by interactions of all objects and levels of our universe with higher overmaterial forces (Divine Providence), fluctuations of space-time continuum (spontaneous element) and, perhaps, other factors. A small part of virtual future, complimentary to individual features of a given creature or object, forms its own virtual future.

This way traditional causality occurs as one of factors, conditioning future. The freedom of will manifests as the possibility of choice (making the probability of realization higher) of one of the versions of virtual future. Tools of free will are ability to feel the parting points (moments when the with possibility of choice among several versions of future) of destiny versions and ability of will concentration, attracting the needed version of the destiny development. The latter manifests a very important feature of time continuum — a possibility of resonance 'distant' interactions between future and present.

This feature lays at the basis of majority of fortune-telling methods and magic correction of future. Among others, this feature manifests in the known since the very ancient times phenomena of synchronism (21). We will use the concepts of modern quantum mechanics, developed in works of M.Planck, A.Koestler, D.Bohm (21, 66) for better understanding of its nature.

According to quantum-mechanic imaginations of physical reality, all objects of our world are treated as wave packets 'spread' in all four-dimensional space-time continuum.

In other words, only a part of physical object is contained in what we call its boundaries, surface. Another, although much smaller part, given by 'tails' of wave functions of elementary corpuscles, atoms, molecules, forming the object, can be in any point of our physical space. The strict location of non-alive objects and living beings in the boundaries of their surface is an illusion of our perception. The interesting thing is that this picture of reality, discovered by our physics in the second half of the XX-th century, was known in Indian Tantra in very ancient times (38, 45, and 50). The most powerful mystic and magic practices as mantra-yoga, yantras and mandalas, psychotronic generators and resonators were based on it.

Everything that was said above is absolutely true also for time dimension of the four-dimensional time-space which is very important for our research. Any physical object is only partly in the given moment of time, some its part is in the future and some is in the past. In other words, the object is described as a packet of wave functions also at the time axis.

The direct consequence of this is the presence of 'tails' of wave functions of the objects from the distant future, or rather different virtual futures, in any point of the present. And certainly, the higher the tendency of realization of the given opportunity of the virtual future is, the better the manifestation of its wave function in the present is (see picture 51).

Figure 51. Imposition of the wave functions from past and future in present.


4.3. Synchronicity

In this picture of reality physical objects and processes seemingly not interacting with each other and distant in time and space can be very strictly connected. Such connection has been known since the ancient times as the phenomena of synchronism. The majority of magic techniques of interaction with distant objects and work with future and past are based on it. Alchemy, where a chemical reaction appears to be strictly connected with processes of micro- and macro-cosm, can be one of examples. Certain transmutations (transformations) of chemical elements, on the one hand, reflected and, on the other, changed the processes at the level of biosphere and noosphere of the planet and human organism and psychics (26, 48).

Such interactions were experimentally proved by modern research (72, 73). So R.Sheldrake brings in his book an example of synthesis of crystals of waterless ethylendiaminetatrat conducted at the several factories placed in different countries in the distant parts of our planet. When a new hydrate that spoiled the surface of the crystal appeared at one of the factories these phenomena immediately reached other factories.

The so called effect of 'the hundredth monkey' has a similar character. If a certain critical amount of animals, for example monkeys, in a population will get skilled in something the skill instantly reaches all other populations that does not have physical contact with each other, for instance dwelling another island. This can be washing potatoes, opening milk bottles or anything else.

In all such cases we deal with the interaction through four-dimensional wave functions of physical objects or with so called non-local interaction (61).

This way an oracle or fortune-telling process allows expressing such non-local interaction of wave functions from future with present. Let us now examine how this happens in a more detailed way.


4.4. Main elements of a mantic process

We have already mentioned that personal virtual future is defined by interaction of the stream of virtual future, flowing to present and personal karmic features of the given person's destiny (see picture 52). That is why the first stage of any process of future-past defining or reading of distant non-local information is connected with making of a kind of alchemic 'alloy' of wave functions of the given person and 'tails' of wave functions, coming from variable versions of virtual past-future, other points of our space.

Figure 52. Interference of different variants of future in present.

As a result we get the distribution of the destiny versions, personal virtual futures. The most important element of this process is the maximally deep concentration on the aspects of future we would like to know: personal life, career, tendencies of political processes etc. This allows distinguishing among unimaginable plenty of versions of virtual future those which we are interested in and strenghten their manifestation in present, as if 'pull' the out of future.

The next aspect of the fortune-telling process is connected with the use of special strengtheners, enabling the catch of very weak, sometimes rudimental expression of future in present. Variable psycho-energetic gadgets as magic mirrors, bio-resonators, magic rods and other belong here. This can also be a sensitive person after the special training (medium). Besides variable esoteric traditions widely use oracles — subtle beings, spirits much more sensitive to the smallest manifestations of virtual future in present. Yet, such process of penetration of future is, perhaps, the most complicated and demands entering deep trance states, needs specially prepared medium through which the spirit is contacted (1, 65).

The third essential element of the defining of the future is a special detector, a physical or chemical process able to catch and express the information of possible lines of virtual future. Usually such detector necessarily contains some occasional process. In terms of the modern physics it is a process with bifurcations — jump-alike passages to one among several possible states (18). An important special features of such bifurcations is fading little physical energy necessary for the passage to one of such states. This defines the possibility to read information through rudimental energy delivered from the 'tails' of wave functions from virtual future.

This can be tossing the coins or pulling occasional combination of sticks from the bunch (Chinese Book of Changes), the choice of cards, for example Tarot; another possibility is figures and symbols which appear when the melted wax gets cold, cracking of bones in the fire (ram's shoulder or tortoise shell). People have invented plenty of such things but nearly all of them use occasional processes with branching bifurcation.

Concentration of a human

It is important to stress that occasional process is given the sense of fortune-telling by the concentration on the question, a problem of a fortune-telling person. It tunes the process on the wave functions from virtual future. And certainly, the success of the fortune-telling is up to the great extant defined by the strengtheners. Hence, a person, a strengthener and a detector work as one system which is able to catch the information from the virtual future only as the unity.

Interpretation of images

That information as a rule comes as images, symbols whose correct decoding and interpretation in correspondence with concrete situation and destiny is a very difficult task, demanding really high professionalism.

Perturbation of the space-time continuum

There is one more very important moment: the return influence of the fortune-telling process on the personal virtual future. This problem has also been known since the ancient times especially in advanced fortune-telling systems as I-Ching.

For the first, the process of fortune-telling itself, being connected with tuning on streams from virtual future, is able to influence the probability of their realization. In this respect the strongest perturbation is done by the process, describing not the whole spectrum of virtual future possibilities but one or two of them. This way the realization of these particular possibilities may become more probable.

Besides the knowledge of future versions it can correct the possible destiny. Both extremely negative and extremely positive versions of the events development can strongly attract the person's attention and strengthen concentration, often unconscious, on them. As a result the effect of resonance works and probability of the given destiny version significantly grows.

That mechanism is particularly dangerous in the case of pessimistic forecasts when the negative version of the future expressed in fortune-telling provokes the strongest fear. This leads to constant subconscious concentration on it due to which it becomes a sad reality. An early death, fore-told to young Pushkin by a gypsy, can be an example of such fortune-telling.

For that reason advanced fortune-telling systems make forecasts as a spectrum of opportunities and necessarily advise how to avoid worse versions of destiny development.


4.5. New technical systems

Let us now examine new ways of forecasting the future, given by achievements of modern science and technique. As we remember one of the most meaningful conditions of the fortune-telling process is the presence of bifurcations, turning it into a sensitive detector of streams of virtual future. Discoveries of modern physics, especially synergetics and thermodynamics of nonequilibrium systems, found many physical and chemical processes able to function as such detectors. Processes with fractal structure deserve special attention. Let us examine them in a more detailed way.


4.6. Fractal sets

One of the typical features of fractal sets is their extremely high sensitivity to minimal changes of primary conditions (74, 75). It especially strongly manifests in the sphere of boundary of decision stability (16, 17, 18, 75). This makes fractal sets very promising as sensitive detectors of the wave functions 'tails', coming from the future.

Besides fractal sets have a complicated and surprisingly harmonic and symmetric structure. The unlimited complexity of the smallest fractal element is unique when it increases new geometric forms not less complicated than the previous ones appear. This phenomenon allows searching the most variable forms and images inside the same mathematical object. As we know none of the traditional fortune-telling processes is so impressively different. The use of fractal opens previously in accessible opportunities of tuning on variable images of the virtual future.

Fractal sets are also self-alike. In spite of amazing range of images hidden in one fractal they all have something common, an element, and a form archetype that repeats in each of them. In other words, all parts of a given fractal have common pre-tuning which improves the quality of resonance with informational streams from virtual future.

All mentioned above things make a fractal a pretty promising candidate to become an oracle. Certainly, one can use physical or chemical processes, creating fractal sets but fractals generated by a computer are much more convenient. We will concentrate on them from now on.

In our experiments we have used professional program packages, calculating fractal sets. They were mainly Fractint, Chaos and libraries of fractal sets on laser discs.


4.7. Scanning

The procedure of fortune-telling was conducted as follows. Preliminary stages included:

  1. Psycho-energetic purification and protection of the place and participants, including the computer.
  2. Stating the problem or question that was supposed to be answered; the expected answer could not be 'yes' or 'no' but had to describe tendencies of the future development of the situation.
  3. Concentration on the question — here special psycho-energetic tools and sound-visual means were also used.

Then the fractal set containing the answer was chosen with the use of several methods. In the case of the simplest one the choice was made on the basis of the catalogue of variable kinds of fractals of program package or the library of previously selected fractal sets on the laser disc. There were two main ways of choice:

  • occasionally pressed button moved the cursor through the catalogue elements, then in any moment of time it stopped and the choice was made. The operator who did the fortune-telling did not see the cursor's position, for the screen was covered. This kind of fortune-telling could be done by two people at once if the question concerned both of them. In this case one person moved the cursor and another defined the moment of choice. If the catalogue had a hierarchic structure the procedure was repeated several times until the concrete fractal was defined;
  • in the second case the choice was made according to warm effects, pulsation occurring in fingers, moved along the list of fractals or hierarchic catalogue.

When the fractal was chosen in one of the presented ways the stage of interpretation began. We used the methods of distinguishing and interpretation symbols known in traditional cultures of East and West, modern transpersonal psychology (27, 28, 48). Besides the deeper penetration of symbols was achieved due to subsequent enlargement of separate elements of the given fractal set, the use of different programs of dynamic transformation of the image's colors. The latter ways of work with symbols belong to advantages of fractal sets and are not available in traditional fortune-telling systems.

We will bring several fractal sets, obtained in the process of fortune-telling, as examples. In the first case the question concerned the development of the commercial project of a Russian businessman with foreign partners. The obtained fractal set reminded of a spider web, a pattern of nets. The answer was interpreted as warning of lack of perspectives and potential danger of the deal. The businessman was careful and later the instability of his future partner was fully proved.

The second example is connected with personal problems. The participant had rather complicated relations with his wife, provoked by her authoritarian character and early ageing. The question was: 'Can the psychological crisis be solved due to a younger partner?' The obtained fractal is presented on the picture 53a. The female sexual symbols (archetype of vagina) are obvious here, its inclination is undoubtedly bestial — colors and symbols of inner organs, naked flesh. The archetypes of 'old' and 'young' vaginas can be seen along the central line. The 'young' vagina was chosen — at the illustration it is put in the square — and then several zooms were made they are presented on pictures 53b and 53c. The last one, 53c, was obtained after eight enlargements and shows the net.

Figure 53. The results of the consistent scanning of the personal situation on the fractal oracle.

The answer was interpreted as impossibility to solve personal problems by changing partners — the net is a symbol of the dead end. Furthermore, the symbols of the primary fractal show that the essence of the problem is connected with the orientation towards bestial and material levels of reality. The solution might be in the change of value system.

Picture 54 presents the answer on the question, concerning the choice of the way, forces which stand behind the thing that may become the most important in the life of the given person.

Figure 54. Positive evaluation of the situation.

It is easy to see that the forms of the temple dome and rising up prevail among the fractal's symbols. The answer was interpreted as positive, supporting the connection of this thing with fair forces.

Certainly, the process of interpretation is a complicated thing that demands the good knowledge of archetypal symbols. That is why we have elaborated the combined version of fortune-telling in which the choice defined one of the I-Ching hexagrams and the fractal corresponding with it. The fractal worked as important additional information, enabling deeper and wider interpretation of the hexagram. It should be stressed that hexagrams and fractals were not strictly connected in this case. The connection was established every time anew and was defined by the used algorithm with several levels of bifurcation in the points of branching.


4.8. Second version of the virtual scanner

The method and the corresponding computer program, enabling the achievement of more complicated dynamic, moving, animated images, are the further development of this attitude. The program was installed in the lap-top (Libretto 50CT) and allowed to scan forms of informational fields in different places of earthy surface as places of power, ancient cult constructions and also individual archetypal images connected with personal problems.

The principles of work of this computer program are also based on the interaction of the four-dimensional wave functions with computer's processor. Here the role of sensoric element is played by the cascade of bifurcations — generated by the program occasional passages where each branching point has a choice of several hundreds or even tens of thousands of possibilities. Detecting of informational fields takes place due to the deformation of the ideal curve of the redistribution of the occasional process. The research conducted by American scientists has proved that these need fading little energies (61).

A very significant role in this process belongs to human psychics. The concentration on certain aspects of the environment, situation, and personal problem allows to distinguish among great many of wave functions 'tails' the ones meaningful for the scanned image. As it has already been mentioned before non-local interaction of human psychics, computer and wave functions of the surrounding objects takes place.

The used version of the program built the scanned image of the placed in computer's memory elements of scenes and objects. The probe version of the program used background imagination, several three-dimensional geometric figures whose size, color and surface structure could change trajectories of their spinning and trajectories of movement along the screen, the law of change of the given trajectories in time. The choice of each of these elements was made of hundreds and thousands of possible variants.

The result was the picture, consisting of the immobile background picture and three-dimensional figures, moving along rather complicated, connected with each other trajectories, the figures also spun and changed colors. The probability of the accidental appearance of one of such imaginations was approximately one to several millions. Naturally, the presented below illustrations show only one of the time sections of the moving and constantly changing imaginations. Nevertheless, in spite of the movement each picture has a certain stable archetype, connected with the scanned object.

In the described case the scanning mechanism was based on so called topologic resonance when the element with the closest to the origin lines and dynamic patterns was chosen in every bifurcation point. The deformation of the primary accidental distribution took the needed direction due the invasion the operator's wave functions and scanned informational fields in the computer's processor.

In traditional methods of fortune-telling the image appears in more or less the same way it is seen in streaks of coffee essence, wax or egg spilt into warm water, ashes or inner organs of a sacrificed animal. The only difference is that ancient esoteric methods used physical or chemical processes as detectors, also non-local ones; here they were replaced by the informational process.

Still, the apply of the limited set of primary elements of which the imagination is built (thesaurus) might need the following elaboration of specialized thesauruses for different problematic fields. For example one set will be used for the scanning of informational fields of Earth, another for the work with personal problems, the third for the oracle regime: scanning of past and future, etc.

The special magic accumulator (see Appendix 5) can be used when the computer works autonomously, i.e. without specially trained operator, or to improve the quality of tuning on the task of scanning. It can be put on the microprocessor or computer's corpus and should be programmed in the appropriate way. The preliminary research has proved that the attitude is promising. At the moment this direction is only being elaborated and up till now the computer has been mainly used without the alchemic accumulator.


4.9. Virtual psychoanalysis

One more interesting sphere of the possible apply of this method and program is transformation of primary negative or crisis situation or problem through the work with archetypal symbols on the computer. Our method of the virtual psycho-analysis is the further development of C.Yung's ideas and his spiritual alchemy. In this case the primary archetypal picture, obtained during the scanning of personal problems starts to transform in the desirable direction in the process of work with a psycho-therapist. The discussion on primary images and their following transformation are based on alchemic symbols and enable better understanding of the problem's roots and ways of their solution.

In this case computer scanning allows expressing deeply displaced, unrealized roots of the psychological problem and abilities of virtual space and symbols, the work with visual dynamic archetypal images allows transforming them. Here traditional scenarios of the alchemic transmutation achieve incomparable importance and obviousness. It is enough to say that I have several times observed the most powerful catharsis right after the appearance of the first scanned image during my work with the personal problems of my Scottish colleagues.

In the second half of 1998 this method of computer scanning was tested in anomalous zones in Russia, Scotland and Nepal. The process of preliminary probation has proved high reliability of the scanned images that significantly exceeds the level of accidental coincidences. Certainly, these were only testing, evaluation research, for the serious probation demands a lot of time and material input.

So for example, the first scanning of the stone circle in Scotland has shown the picture with OM MANI PADME HUM mandala (see picture 55) while we used this very mantra two years ago in order to activate the circle.

Figure 55. The result of scanning of the ingormational fields in the stone circle 'Eastern circus' (Scotland).

Another scanning was done in Nepal at the level of more or less three thousand meters in the area of Langtang mountain. Later we learnt that the place was connected with ancient Tibetan tradition Bon whose important image is nagy — snake-alike gods. The archetype of snakes is clearly seen at the picture (see picture 56).

Figure 56. The result of scanning of the informational fields near Langtang mountain (Nepal).


4.10. Conclusion

This way the developed attitude towards the studying of the time nature allowed elaborating new methods of the scanning of informational fields with the help of fractal sets and programs with branching bifurcations. Obviously, the method itself needs further development. The programs, forming branching bifurcations, fractal sets for oracle answers and method of psycho-energetics preparation for the scanning process, concentration on it need improvement. The future use of systems with biologic return connection, enabling the deeper contact between the person and computer, establishment of specialized libraries of archetypal thesauruses looks very promising.


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