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Appendix IV

by Evgueny Faydysh



Appendix V



5.1. Exercises and psycho-techniques (psycho-energetic techniques)

The use of the rhythms of circulation of five primary elements in our breathing

We have all noticed that the level of our vital activity can significantly vary in the same external circumstances. Sometimes we are lucky and sometimes we experience misfortune. One of the ancient Indian Tantrik texts Svara-udaya-shastra connects this with different fazes of circulation of vital energy in our breathing, their correlation with cosmic rhythms, for example the Moon faze and others (24).

The simplest version takes into account only the change of dominance of the left (Moon, yin) and the right (Sun, yang) nostrils which takes place approximately every hour — the dominating nostril is more open and the change of activity of five primary elements realized inside the hour cycle. The dominating element can be defined on the basis of the average length of the exhale. It can be fixed with the help of the sheet of thick paper with the thin layer of flour on it, bring it close to your nose, then exhale calmly and measure the trace. The length of the exhale is measured in individual width of the middle phalanx of the index finger. The value for each primary element is given in Table 8.

Table 8. Characteristics of the rhythms of manifestation of energies of five primary elements in breathing according to Svarodaya Shastra.






Akasha (ether)

Period of activity, min.






Exhales length (measured in fingers width)






Day of the week

Wednesday, Sunday


Tuesday, Friday



Visualization, feelings


Yellow (golden) square

White cross

Red triangle

Green circle

Multi-colored dots




Hot, spicy



Exhale direction




To the side

In all directions


Slow, slightly warm, with a deep sound

Very fast and noisy

Very hot

Hot or cold

Combines the features of the rest

The names of the primary elements are given according to Indian Tantra. Here air corresponds with Chinese wood and akasha (emptiness, space, ether) with air or metal of Chinese tradition.

The dominating primary element can be also defined due to exhaling on the mirror surface and observing appearing forms or visualizing them in ASC (see Table 8). Other signs, given by Table 8, can be also used.

However, the method of fixation the moment of the change of nostril's dominance and the following calculating of the periods of activity of each element is the simplest. The artificial change of nostril's dominance with the following calculation is a less natural way.

Methods of changing of the dominating energetic channel:

  1. Take a deep breath through the more opened nostril and exhale through the other one after ten or twelve times the dominance will change.
  2. Lay on the side of the blocked nostril on the floor or other hard surface. The nostril will open in a few minutes.
  3. Close the open nostril with a bit of cotton wool.

Certainly, such violent change of the dominance is not desirable and is accepted only if the success of an important thing depends on it and you do not have time to wait for the appropriate energetic faze.

Let us now examine the practical use of the rhythm of primary elements energy for the achievement of optimal results in altered state travels and daily life.

Optimal fazes of primary elements energy for different kinds of activity.

The left lunar channel

The first general rule of Svara-udaya-shastra is all good actions supposed to achieve durable and stable results should be done when the vital breathing flows through the left lunar channel. It is better to try to start all important things during the first thirty-six minutes of the stream of vital breathing when earth and water are active. Svara-udaya-shastra treats them as the most successful ones, while fire, air and akasha are believed to be destructive. All enumerated below actions give particularly good results if done on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday.

So during the breath stream of earthy and watery elements in the left channel the following activity is desirable:

  • the beginning of work on creating mandalas, icons, clothes, jewelry; going on a long trip to South or West; visiting monasteries, exhibitions or state high officials; making ponds, dykes, reservoirs and decorative gardens; fixation of monuments; the beginning of building and opening new buildings; weddings, meeting with friends, business partners; continuation of pilgrimage; making donations and other charity actions;
  • sacral rituals, directed on the maintaining of piece and good health; preparation of herb medicines for the quick recovering after the illness;
  • studying of Tantra, yoga and other spiritual traditions; conducting magic rituals, directed on the strengthening of positive, good forces, bringing bliss and love.

The right solar channel

The right channel of Sun patronizes difficult to do and harsh actions. Such actions should be done when the vital breath flows through the right nostril in earthy or watery element, also during the first thirty-six minutes of the breathing cycle. Tuesdays, Saturdays and Sundays are especially good for all enumerated below tasks:

  • studying and teaching magic arts; obtaining physical and psychical energies through magic rituals, using animal sacrifices; magic influence on enemies; creation of magic instruments and making rituals for protection and control over demonic beings (vampires, zombies, pretas, ghosts etc.);
  • making and drinking strong alcohol drinks; food for pleasure — eating of expensive and difficult to digest food; occasional sexual relations and contacts with prostitutes;
  • the beginning of studying of complicated arts and sciences; climbing mountains and entering fortified cities; participation in duels and sword fights; cutting and graining jewels; decoration of a new house.

The method of the awakening form sleep or altered state travel

Another useful exercise from Svara-udaya-shastra allows going out of sleep or ASC in the best faze of energetic activity, ensuring well-being and success during the day. Perhaps, the old Russian mark, stating that getting up from the left leg is a bad sign, is an echo of this ancient knowledge.

In order to make your day better after awakening check which nostril is more open then massage your face on the side of the open channel. If you get up, putting on the floor the leg of the active channel side first, you will have luck during the whole day.

Mudras and mantras of four primary elements

The presented four mudras and mantras can be used for the activation of the primary elements energy before the altered state travel and during the travel itself. As we have already mentioned each primary element strengthens certain qualities: earth gives stability, water — purification, adaptation, fire — will and general energetic level, air — creativity and making quick decisions in untypical situations.

Correspondingly, the activation of the primary element's energy includes making the mudra, saying of the mantra mentally or aloud and concentration on the element's symbol and chakra. All four mudras are shown on the picture 57. Pay attention that in each mudra thumbs make rings with one of the rest four fingers, depending on the activated element but the right thumb is always on the top.

Figure 57. Mudras and mantras of four primary elements.

In order to strengthen the effect you can simultaneously concentrate your attention on the manifestation of the corresponding primary element in your breathing and make activation in the appropriate faze of the breathing rhythm as it was described in the previous paragraph.

Magic mirrors

The presented below methods can be useful during the work in ASC. You can apply magic mirrors, accumulators and primary elements fluids described in the second part of this Appendix.

The mirror as a gate to subtle worlds

It is pretty easy to use the magic mirror as a passage to subtle worlds. You can use any mirror with the universal accumulator in the liquid or hard form. The bigger the mirror is the easier the entrance is. Before the travel the mirror should be loaded with the fluid of the primary element which will 'pull' you in. Akasha is the most suitable for this purpose.

Sit comfortably in a dark room, putting the mirror right in front of you, relax then start to load the mirror with akasha fluid. Modulate the fluid with the wish to lead your subtle body through the mirror and go to the needed subtle levels. Lock the load in the mirror and program it for the constant realization during one hour, starting from the present moment. Fully relax, close your eyes and sit or lay down, dipping in the mirror radiation.

If the load was done properly you should start experience the effect of the 'torsion' of the subtle body. Do not try to analyze what happens besides this and allow the fluid to realize its program. Probably, you will feel you are getting smaller and smaller. If it does not happen you can imagine this. You should achieve the stage when you will not be aware of your physical body any longer and will only experience the 'push' and attraction going out of the mirror. Let yourself follow this force in the mirror. It is important not to resist the attraction, not to concentrate on the analysis, these things can make the process of passage more difficult.

In the moment of exit you will be separated from your physical body and will, perhaps experience flight. During your stay in the mirror you will be, probably, unable to hear or see anything, does not worry it is rather normal for the first few tries. Stay at the astral level as long as you feel comfortable but not too long — time has durability here. May be when you return you will see that hours in ASC took a minute or two of the physical time.

In order to return in to your physical body you only need to mentally concentrate on that wish and you immediately will be back. You should be always aware of the direction where your physical body is. Majority of people can see the other side of the mirror as a black and silvery-white hole. If you prefer a slower return move towards the mirror through which you will see your body as if you would look through the opposite side of a telescope. Move smoothly through this tunnel and you will be back in your physical body.

The protection of the place of travel from negative beings (the method of absorption)

Certainly, it is good to always make altered state travels in well purified and protected places but sometimes it is impossible in those cases you can apply additional protection of the magic mirror.

You can use a con-caved mirror with a simple or universal accumulator. The mirror should be loaded with magnetic fluid impregnated with the wish that it should absorb all undesirable influences. The load is locked and programmed to go out as long as needed. The mirror should be put in the way that will allow it to embrace the whole place of your travel.

After the travel you should purify the mirror, loading it with the ball of akasha fluid right over the magnetic fluid which is already there. It is locked and then programmed to move and disperse in the distant parts of the universe together with the absorbed negative beings.

The protection against psycho-energetic attack (the method of reflection)

This method is oriented towards protection from negative influences in our daily life. It is especially effective in the situation when you expect the attack but the precise moment is unknown. In such case you would hardly be able constantly maintain the protection, especially doing normal things at the same time. Yet, if you load a con-caved mirror with the light fluid and program it for self-reloading you can get protection during the whole day and night.

The light fluid in this case should be impregnated with the command that none undesirable influence can reach you.

The mirror should be placed in the center of the protected territory. If you wish to leave the protected space and for example go to work you have to load another mirror, this time flat, with the light fluid, programming it to protect you and take it with you. This task can be fulfilled by a mirror covered by the simple accumulator.

Seven Tibetan amulets against demons

The presented below magic amulets serve the protection against evil spirits and variable demonic beings. They can be useful during travels in subtle reality and in daily life. These are colorful graphic images of mantras (76). They are shown on the picture 58 where colors are symbolized by letters. The color of every letter is connected with the energy of primary element. The main spheres of use of each of seven amulets are enumerated below and then the description of the archetypes of the corresponding demonic beings are given (74, 78). Numbers in brackets show the position of their description.

Figure 58. Seven Tibetan amulets, protecting from demons.

You can carry with you one or maximally two amulets at once. In order to strengthen their effect you can cover their surface with universal accumulator and tune it in the corresponding way.

The sphere of use of each of the seven amulets

1 amulet:

  • all kinds of evil, provoked by eight classes of para-normal beings Lha (6), Srin-po (3) and others;
  • damage made by Dre (8);
  • epidemies and ilnesses;
  • damage made by weapon — arrow, sword etc.

2 amulet:

  • Lha anger (6);
  • evil from Klu (4);
  • suffereng caused by leprosy.

3 amulet:

  • evil from gNod-sby in (1);
  • evil from Ma mo (12);
  • evil from Srin-po (3).

4 amulet:

  • evil from The u-rang (5);
  • evil from Dre woman (8);
  • influence of Sri (10).

5 amulet:

  • woman Dre, damaging health (8);
  • man Dre, damaging health (8);
  • female demons of death;
  • male demons of death.

6 amulet:

  • evil made by Dre, welling in mountains (8);
  • spirits, provoking leprosy;
  • evil from Dre (8).

7 amulet:

  • protection against Srin mo (10);
  • protection against Dre, provoking hunger (desire) (8).

The number of the position in the presented below classification is given in brackets.

Short classification of harmful demons in Tibetan tradition

Gods and demons of the lower class influence human daily life in the strongest way. They have mysterious and magic power due to which they influence the nature and human life. The majority of them is sinister and demands to lessen and avoid their evil influence.

One of the most detailed classification from non-Buddhist sources distinguishes nine classes of them:

1. gNod-sby in usually remind of Indian yakshas. Yet, not all of them have Indian origins. They have harmful nature, provoke epidemics and illnesses and demand bloody sacrifices. Some of them were transformed in temple guardians.

2. bDud very much remind of dMu described below. They live in the upper spheres and are manifestations of variable aspects of heaven. Their king dwells in the black castle bDud. They can damage the place — gnas, body — lus and variable forms of activity — las. They were tamed by gShen-rab, the founder of the reformed Bon religion, and instructed to fight against the enemies of the religion b'on-po.

3. Srin-po are treated as analogy of Indian rakshas.

4. Klu are snake-alike gods, living in streams, lakes, rivers and oceans.

5. B'Tsan and The is one of the most powerful classes of demons. When Buddhism entered Tibet many of them were forgotten, some were included into the group of gNod-sby in and some transformed in protectors of Buddha's Law. They are placed in the intermediate space but seem to be present everywhere. They are classified according to places where they live: gnam-b'tsan — sky-b'tsan, gang-b'tsan — iceland-b'tsan, brag-b'tsan — rock-b'tsan etc.

The primarily were a separate group and were later included in b'Tsan. They were believed to live in three spheres: sky — gnam, intermediate space — bar and earth — sa and were correspondingly called gnam-the, bar-the and sa-the.

There were The u-rang among The — a numberless group of smaller demons who often worked as dharmapalas (chos-skyong). Later The and The u-rang were treated just the same. The u-rang were believed to live in lower parts of sky and atmosphere.

Some texts mention they were born from the fat of the golden cosmic tortoise. They have sinister character, provoke quarrels, lack of unity, give early death, make harm to children and influence the weather.

6. Lha were unified with Indian devas when Buddhism came.

Before this they had been heavenly creatures of a kinder and more merciful nature, comparing to other demons. They are described as white creatures as the opposite to black bDud. Many gods that do not live in heavenly spheres belong to this category.

We can find among them such gods as phrag-lha — the bee spirit, ma-lha — god of the mother, pho-lha and mo-lha — male and female gods, tha-lha — god of the home, srog-lha — god of life, lam-lha — god of the way, tshong-lha — god of trade etc.

7. dMu dwell in upper spheres in the sky. Their nature is close to bDud but their description and definition remain imprecise. Some sources share them in dMuchen — big ones, dMu and dMuphran — little (younger) ones.

8. Dre are malicious spirits. They bring heavy diseases and sudden death. Nearly everything that is harmful can be called Dre. Dre are very numeral and their activity seems to touch practically all aspects of human life. They are often divided in five groups:

a) za-'dre — food-'dre,

b) god-'dre that provoke variable losses,

c) gshed-'dre — dre of revenge that bring death,

d) chu-'dre that live in water,

e) gson-'dre that provoke material losses.

There are other groups of spirits mentioned in amulets and protective chakras which are not enumerated in the above classification. Their description can be found in Bon-po literature.

9. Sri category is one of them. It contains thirteen groups. Their father named gNam gyibyanag gshog-chags and mother named Sa yi byi-gshog had thirteen eggs of which thirteen different kind of sri were born.

The first egg gave Sri with human bodies and wolf heads. They dwell in the upper parts of mountains and eat male creatures. They are called pro-sri — male Sri.

10. The second egg gave Sri with human bodies and camel heads. They live in the oceans, eat female beings and are called mo-sri — female Sri.

11. The third egg gave beings with human bodies and weasel heads. They live under the beds, eat children and are called chung-sri — childish Sri.

12. The fourth egg gave creatures with human bodies and eagle (garuda) heads. They live in the mountains and use vital strength of Ma mo they are called bDud sri nag-po — black demons Sri and more or less correspond with our vampires.


5.2. Constructions of gadgets and mechanisms, methods of work with them

Mantra wheel

As it has already been mentioned mantra wheels have been known in Tibet and its neighbor countries since the ancient times. They are treated as generators of blissful energy, helping all living creatures. There are many different constructions of such wheels, varying in size, design, matter and way of spinning. They can be moved by the hand (see picture 45), energy of water and wind. Nowadays there are wheels spun by electric motors, and even virtual ones, spinning at the computer's screen.

You yourself can make a simple mantra wheel. Use mantra OM MANI PADME HUM whose graphic image and colors are shown at the picture 59. Mantra is drawn at the side surface of the empty cylinder, it does not really matter what it is made of Tibetans as a rule use wood, copper, bone, yak's horn. A very important element is a roll of paper, written with the same mantra, which is put inside the cylinder and is usually wrapped in silk.

Figure 59. Graphic imagination of OM MANI PADME HUM mantra. Colors of the letters from the left to the right: white (OM), dark-green, yellow, blue, red, indigo (black).

It is believed that the greater the number of mantras is, the more powerful the wheel is. Now it is sometimes achieved by micro-lithography methods which allow putting many millions of mantras in a small cylinder. In the simplest case you can cover with mantras a sheet of paper, then make several copies and glue them together in a roll.

The wheel has to spin in the direction of clock hands if looked at from above. You can use an electric motor with a reducer or special low-speed mobile. Average speed of spinning is from half to ten turns per second.

Such mantra wheel can be used for balancing and activating energy in the house or garden. It works well as additional support and protection during altered state travels.

In fact mantra wheel can also use Christian prays. We have asked this question the reincarnated Lama of Tyang Boche monastery placed by Everest and he said that such wheel would also work. Nevertheless, it is important that the pray would concern enlightenment and good of all beings and would not have a selfish character.

Magic mirrors

Making of a magic mirror

As we have already said, magic mirrors have been known since the very ancient times and have been widely used in esoteric practice. There are plenty of their constructions. The most complicated ones are made of metal alloys with addition of crystals and jewels; their surface is covered with mantras, magic signs, mandalas. All this is accompanied by special rituals and passes.

At the same time a turbulent surface of a mill vortex, a stream of a water-fall, a pattern of clouds, moving in the sky and even chaotic noise on the TV-screen when the program is over can work as such magic mirror.

Naturally, the effectiveness of the mirror depends on its construction and know-how of its making, activation and tuning. We will now examine several simple but effective constructions of magic mirrors.

One of the main elements of magic mirror is a magic accumulator on which we will concentrate first.


The ideal mirror contains specialized accumulator serving concrete purposes but it is easier to use a magic mirror based on the universal accumulator.

Simple liquid accumulator

Take a half-liter vessel and put in it one of the following ingredients: oak leaves, chamomile flowers, bean edible roots, mandrake roots, lily flowers and pour distilled or rain water over them. Ingredients can be fresh or dry; roots should be cut in small pieces. The water should cover the contents of the vessel. Cover the vessel and bring its contents to the boil and then simmer for half an hour. Let it get cold and then filter through the thin material (gauze, muslin).

Then bring the liquid to the boil again, evaporating up to one quaver of the primary amount, do it without the cover. Let the liquid get cold and add methyl alcohol as preservative (1:1). The alcohol can be replaced by other preservatives or some fungicide.

Add ten drops of the golden grout on each 100ml (we will explain how to make it a bit later). Alchemic tradition treats gold as a powerful strengthener of the permittivity of accumulator which can increase thousands times.

Filter the mixture through the thick material again (canvas, cloth) and pour into the bottle. Check the cover which is not supposed to let any air in and do not forget to shake the substance before use. It can keep its qualities during one year if it is stored in a cool place.

The golden nastoyka (liqueur)

You can use the chloride of gold 1gr on 20ml of water. 1ml of this grout is added to 100ml of liquid accumulator. This way 1gr of golden chloride is enough for 2l of liquid accumulator.

If you cannot get the chloride of gold you can apply the alchemic method. Heat a piece of gold in the flame until it gets red, using the special holder of a piece of wire, then throw it in the vessel with distilled water (proportion is 1:10, 10gr of gold on 100ml of water). Repeat it nine times. Remember not to put the holder or wire in to water and use only high quality gold.

A simpler, although more durable, way to make some liquid accumulator is following: put the chosen ingredient into the bottle, add methyl alcohol to cover it and seal the bottle. Put it in a warm place for about a month in order to allow the alcohol to absorb the ingredient's contents. In a month filter the contents of the bottle through the thick material (canvas). Then put the ends of the canvas together, keeping the remain substance inside, and spin out everything up to the very last drop. Add ten drops of the golden nastoyka per each 100ml. Store the accumulator in the same way as in the previous case.

Complex liquid accumulator

It is oriented on the energy of one of the primary elements and is made in the similar way but with different herbs.

Fire needs equal amounts of mustard powder, pepper, onion, red poppy flowers and nettle leaves.

Air needs equal amounts of rose flowers or leaves, cherry berries or leaves, hazel nuts or leaves or any part of mistletoe.

Water needs rice, melon seeds or flesh, cucumber seeds or flesh and any part of the water lily, if it is possible, in equal parts.

Earth needs oak leaves, apples or acoms, ivy leaves, mint leaves, potato flesh in equal parts.

You can prepare each element separately and then mix the obtained liquids or put ingredients together and cook them at once. Do not forget to add ten drops of the golden liqueur for each 100ml of the accumulator. Store as described above.

Universal liquid accumulator

It is used when we wish to load the mirror with akasha or another fluid that equally strongly influences physical, astral and mental levels of reality. This accumulator has many functions and is more often applied in magic mirrors. It is made as complex accumulator but needs equal parts of:

  1. Leaves, rind or wood of cypress,
  2. Trefoil leaves,
  3. Oak or nettle leaves
  4. Grape or bay leaves,
  5. Rose flowers or leaves,
  6. Bean roots, leaves or seeds,
  7. Ivy or willow leaves,
  8. Several almonds or a few drops of almond oil.

Do not forget to add golden nastoyka.

Hard universal accumulator

It is an important ingredient of magic mirrors. It is made of the mixture of planetary metals, rosin (amber, gum, colophony) and crystall that are also good as accumulators of electric and magnetic fluids correspondingly. Ingredients are cut in small pieces and are taken in equal volume but not weight. You need gold, silver, tin, quicksilver, copper, iron, lead, wooden coal and ten parts of rosin (better amber), ten parts of heavy crystal (quartz) (you can get it in a graining workshop). Mix everything well and put in a dust impenetrable container.

The hard accumulator is usually put on the surface of the mirror in the process of the mirror making. Be extremely careful as you work with quicksilver it is a toxic substance

Simple hard accumulator is made of one of the enumerated above powdered substances with a bit of gold added. Such accumulators are hardly ever used in magic mirrors because of their limited energetic diapason but are sometimes precious for the work with special planetary fluids.

The choice of the applied accumulator depends on tasks for which you are going to use the mirror. If the mirror serves 'general aims' you should use hard or liquid universal accumulator or both of them at the same time.


The mirror itself may have flat con-cave or convex surface. The flat mirror is the easiest to make but con-cave or one better focuses or disperses vital energy. That is why the choice should be defined by your tasks and aims.

Flat mirror

The flat mirror can be made of wood, cardboard, paper or other matter with suitable size and shape. This can also be a surface of a mandala or yantra but in this case the kind of accumulator and the character of input programs should match the archetype of the used image.

The simplest mirror is made of the blotting-paper or fabric soaked in liquid accumulator. Let it dry on the flat surface, for example looking glass and then put in the wooden or cardboard frame, using suitable glue. In order to make the mirror harder cover it with one or two coats of lacquer.

A good simple mirror can be made in the same way but with the use of the simple liquid accumulator. A complex mirror needs universal liquid accumulator with the addition of the hard universal accumulator in the first coat of lacquer — powder the mirror with some hard accumulator before it gets dry.

Liquid mirror

In fact it is not a mirror but a vessel half-filled with liquid accumulator. The energy stored in such mirror flows out on the large surface, making the mirror useful for the room filling. The best form of the liquid mirror is a half-sphere as a vessel and liquid accumulator as the body, filling this half-sphere. A vessel can be a usual glass or crystal bowl; its surface should be plain, for a picture or cutting may lead to side-effects in the modulation of the radiated energy.

Cover the bowl's inner surface with black paint and powder with hard accumulator before it gets dry. Then cover it with one or two coats of transparent lacquer. Never leave the mirror filled when the work is over. Pour the accumulator into the bottle and dry the mirror's surface.

Con-cave (convex) mirror

The stream of energy going out of the con-cave mirror can be focused in a small field which allows achieving high concentration. The convex mirror as the opposite allows embracing with the energetic stream a larger space, although the density of the energy decreases. The best result in this respect is given by a ball-shaped mirror.

You can make such mirror yourself of some self-made mass, for example several coats of glass mass soaked with epoxy adhesive or papier-mache on the basis of the corresponding form of plastic or wood. Still, it is easier to use a ready thing — a torch's reflector, car lights or a ping-pong ball cut in half.

In any case the active surface of a future mirror should be covered with several coats of lacquer, powdering the first ones with hard accumulator. When the lacquer gets dry cover the surface with one of the simple or universal liquid accumulator and also let it get dry.

When the mirror is ready it is time to take care of its activation and programming.

How to load a magic mirror

Ways of loading are as numeral as fluids. A person pulls variable fluids into his or her body and then throws them out through chakras or astral windows to the chosen place. One has to be well-trained in order to do so, for fluid's elements can disbalance in the human body which has serious consequences for the personal health. Our magic mirror needs only gathering the fluid in hands from where it can be directed to the mirror where it will be kept by the liquid accumulator.

Previous or remaining loads should be removed first then the chosen fluid is accumulated in hands and directed to the mirror's surface, afterwards the load should be locked and programmed and the mirror is left to its own rules.


The mirror is purified by the act of imagination. Imagine that the surface of the mirror is covered with blackness which absorbs everything in the mirror. Then disperse this blackness with everything it has absorbed around the mirror and then in a greater distance. Now the mirror is ready for loading. If you are not going to do it straight away wrap the mirror with a piece of clean silk is the best isolator of occultic forces, none psychical influence can penetrate it. Any mirror should be wrapped in silk when is not used.

Locking the load

When the loading is done and the fluid is absorbed by the mirror's surface you should maximally concentrate your mind to make the load stay in the mirror as long as it is needed.

The load programming

The programming means concentrating your mind on defining the moment when the load starts to flow out of the mirror and will do so with the certain speed during certain period of time. This is the most difficult part of the work the skill will come with the practice.

The mirror can be loaded in such way that the load will remain for a long time. To achieve this you have to impregnate the mirror with the wish that it would absorb next portions of the fluid it is loaded with from akasha fluid as often as it is needed. It is important to mention that the reloading should take place day by day, hour by hour as soon as the load weakens. The mirror loaded in this way will remain effective for a very long time until it is re-programmed.


Elementary fluids

Elementary or primary elements fluids are energetic substances of five primary elements. In order to load the mirror with such fluid you should sit in front of it at approximately one meter distance, relax and imagine in the brightest possible way the whole spectrum of feature and feelings associated with this primary element (see Appendix I).


Imagine a red ball in your hands and warmth, radiated from this energetic point. Concentrate on the warmth and color until you feel the ball in your hands. Impregnate it with the aim it serves and the algorithm of its work. Make the loaded ball flow form your hands to the mirror surface where it should be absorbed. Then lock the load in the described above way. One load would hardly be effective, repeat the procedure at least three times until you feel that the surface is maximally filled with energy.

Then program the ball in the presented above way. If you already have some practice in loading the mirror you can reverse the procedure, liberating the energy by taking it out of the mirror, placing it in the ball in your hands and then disperse the ball with your imagination. Every corpuscle should necessarily return from the mirror. If this does not happen repeat the purification procedure.


Use your imagination to create a ball of clay. It should be heavy and has a plasticine consistence. Choose the color black or dirty-brown are preferable, yellow would also work. You should only feel the monolith, warmth or cold are missing here.


It is a cold, dump blue-green or sky-blue cloud between your hands. Concentrate it in a ball that looks as a plastic bag filled with water but actually without the bag. You should feel that warmth, going out of your body and the environment goes into the ball as if you are standing in front of the open doors.


Make a ball of sky-blue luminous mist. Warmth or cold are missing here you only feel lightness as if you hold a ball of hydrogen. It is more difficult to achieve.

Akasha fluid

Loading of the mirror with akasha is a very difficult task. For some unexplainable reasons akasha does not condense in a ball as other fluids. Instead pull akasha in as a constant stream from the surrounding space. Imagine that the upper part of the room you work in is dark-purple and the color is so thick that it seems to be black. Then pull the stream of this color down to the space between your hands and direct to the mirror's surface. When it contacts the accumulator it will be absorbed by it and behave as any other fluid. When you get enough of akasha lock the load and program it.

Akasha is the most powerful fluid of all that can be used during the work with the mirror. It is also one of the most pleasant ones to work with but demands the greatest care. The mirror, loaded with akasha gives unforgettable experience: if you stand in front of it you feel that you are very little and distant (isolated) as if you were the smallest atom in the endless universe.

Synthetic fluids

Synthetic fluids are derivations of one or several elementary ones. Work with them demands good knowledge of archetypes of elementary fluids; it is good to practice for one or several months.

The luminous fluid

It is a derivation of the element of fire. In order to accumulate it you should create a fairy ball in your hands. There should be a tiny bright sparkle of pure white color in its center. Concentrate on this point and make it grow, using the red fire, as long as it is only possible, simultaneously make the warmth in the ball decrease until it disappears at all. In this point white color should be a manifestation of the sun light. It is essential that you do not feel anything going out of the fluid, you are supposed to be ready to see radiantly white ball. It is then placed on the mirror's surface and you can work with it as with any other fluid.

Electric fluid

It is also made of fire. You again have to form a fire ball in your hands and then feel a push after the stream of warmth. It is widening, pressure, going out of the center of the ball and makes warmth radiate outside. In order to achieve this you have to store the warmth as the aura around the ball. It is essential that you feel pressure, bursting out of the fluid as if you held a balloon maximally filled with hot air.

When you feel that the pressure is extreme remove the warmth from the fluid. The 'pressure' that will remain will be the pure electric fluid that should be transmitted at the mirror's surface and then locked and programmed as usually.

Magnetic fluid

It is made of water. Make a ball of water as usually at the same time you have to experience the coldness and dumpiness of the fluid which absorbs the warmth from the environment. That 'sucking in' or attracting forms the magnetic fluid.

Imagine the barrier around the ball as you have done in the case of the electric fluid. You will feel the pressure from outside and vacuum in the sphere. The fluid will get very cold. Make this cold create the rosin and then disperse it, leaving only vacuum. This will be the pure magnetic fluid with which you can load the mirror in a usual way.

In last two cases you may leave the color of the element in the obtained fluid, i.e. red for fire and electricity and green-blue for water and magnetic fluid. If you wish you may also remove the color and leave the fluid colorless. The system of colors, used by us, is one of the most popular but different occultic schools use variable color analogies, so do not be afraid to use colors adequate to your feelings results will not change.

Karia Sidhi Yantra

This is a very soft and pretty effective yantra from Indian Tantrik tradition (40). It can be used for energy balancing in the place of travel and for harmonization of your flat and family relations. Yantra ensures success in all actions, personal life and spiritual practice. It is a circle divided in seven equal sectors (see picture 60). Each of them contains an archetypal image and numerological code — the number in brackets. The sum of all numbers is 339. If to move from the top in the direction of clock hands these are:

  1. Snake (38) that gives knowledge, wisdom, and means of healing illnesses.
  2. Ship (33) is a unique sign symbolizing strength of overcoming any disagreements and ensures the success of all actions.
  3. Arrow (52) protects individual and his or her family from the 'evil eye' and other dangers.
  4. Sun (61) symbolizes power, force, financial means and everything that depends on them. It also speaks of success in politics, support from people with higher position and realization of wishes.
  5. Jewel (17) protects from all difficulties, strengthens health, prosperity, and comfortable happy home.
  6. Tree (47) is responsible for family harmony, including future.
  7. Guitar (91) symbolizes music, trust and luck.

The yantra can be drawn on the paper or engraved on the copper plate and should be hanged on the wall in your room.

Figure 60. Karia Siddhi Yantra.


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