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by Evgueny Faydysh





During the last few years many books on the ancient Chinese geomancy - Feng Shui appeared. The interest towards geomancy in Western countries is fully justified: we all experience serious problems with vital energy, need success and good luck. However, the majority of those books greatly simplifies traditional Chinese Feng Shui, leaving only chimnies, aquariums and mirrors. Such New Age Feng Shui is not very helpful. Still, even the rare books, written by professionalists, are not quite appropriate for our conditions. The thing is that in ancient times when the Feng Shui tradition was established there were no modern electronical mechanisms, technical gadgets of the daily use which surround us today. All this significantly influences psycho-energetics of our home and office. If that technical environment is not taken into account, traditional Feng Shui simply does not work.

The main idea of this book is the further development of the ancient art of geomancy, its adaptation to modern conditions. Although the basis of our attitude is the ancient Chinese philosophy and Feng Shui methodology, we at the same time try to use fully modern scientific concepts and research on psychotronics. Besides, now adays there is a wide range of psychotronical tools able to improve and harmonize the energetical streams in the house. We will also concentrate on those modern Feng Shui remedies.

Another important aspect of the ancient geomancy is the harmonization of therelations with the subtle reality, the world of spirits. Unfortunately, the literature on this extremelly important matter is practically missing. If your house is penetrated by evil spirits or the relations with ecological system and noosphere are distracted, harmonization of the energetical streams will not help. Besides such mechanisms of the daily use as the TV-set and computer create additional channels through which the subtle world can enter our home. If they are not controlled, the consequences can have the most destructive nature.

An important particualr feature of this book is that it is not limited to Chinese geomancy only and tries to use widely the huge knowledge on this subject accumulated by variable cultures. These are Tibetan and Indian geomancy traditions, the unique knowledge of ancient Celts, Siberian tribes and North American Indians.

At the end of the book we examine ecological aspects of Feng Shui. The point is that without bringing harmony into the planetary ecological system one cannot harmonize a small corner of our planet. The principle of alikeness is present everywhere - everything that takes place at the planetary scale is reflected in each of us. Geomantic constructions, harmonizing the energy around and this way making their input into Earth's ecology, have been known since the ancient times. These are stone circles and mazes, mantra wheels, stupas and many others. We will tel you how to make such constructions at home and use them for the harmonization of the energy of the house and environment.





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