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by Evgueny Faydysh

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We enter the new millennium, being surrounded by variable machines and mechanisms necessary for our daily life and work. This techno-sphere creates the illusion of needlessness of ancient esoteric knowledge which is out-of-date in the new 'wonderful' society of high technologies and consumption. However, the reality proves it is not so. Highly developed industrial countries deal with the strongest degradation of human individuality which often reminds of a robot directed by mass media and advertising. People experience the deepest personal crisis, constant stress and emotional discomfort. This results in narcomany, unbelievable growth of violence and suicide.

The matter of health is also a touchy subject for the modern society. In spite of the achievements of the modern medicine people are getting weaker and weaker. Natural immune forces grow fader, the vital tonus and energy fall down.

The only solution of this growing crisis is return to the sources, ancient esoteric knowledge, stored for many thousands of years. Nevertheless, it would be a mistake to reject all modern achievements and the surrounding us techno-sphere. Our task is to unify both. One of the elements of such unification is the adaptation of the ancient Feng Shui knowledge and other geomancy traditions to conditions of the modern life and our environment. We mean precisely the adaptation and not the thoughtless copying of ancient methods in the new changed world. The New Age's experience has proved that such thoughtless copying leads to the prophanation only.

This book tried to adapt the ancient knowledge on geomancy and teach the conscious use of Feng Shui methods. Obviously, we have examined only a small part of variable traditions and geomancy methods, opportunities of their use in our daily life. Among the great many of the mechanisms of daily use that surround us at home, variable machines and mechanisms, placed outside the house, moving on earth and flying in the sky we could concentrate only on a few, partucularly important for Feng Shui, examples. At the same time the psychotronic radiation of the modern techno-sphere influences our daily life stronger and stronger from day to day. That is why following books, devoted to the practical aspects of Feng Shui and geomancy in the life of modern people, will speak of all these matters in a more detailed way.

Among others we will examine the method of Nine Palaces, enabling taking into account the influence of month, year and even daily rhythms, an interesting field of Chinese Astrology - the method of Four Destiny Phillars, directed towards distinguishing individual rhythms of human life, their correlation with Feng Shui. And, certainly, all this will be presented in the frames of the special features of the modern life conditions, the surrounding us techno-sphere. We will also speak of Feng Shui of modern locomotion, cars, will examine new psychotronic gadgets which can be used for the correction and activation of the nourishing energies of home and office.



About the Author


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