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Russian Foundation of Transpersonal Psychology



Every new incident on our planet makes the increase of a general crisis of humanity more apparent. The leaving of the treasuries of spiritual and religious traditions, the eternal moral values, the ideals of open society, is clearer. The American scenario of globalisation is becoming established on the planet and this can't make peace with the conscience.

  • A neocolonial caste society of "the golden billion" is forming, based on the selfish and predatory exploitation of planetary raw material resources.
  • Already today the elitist society of "the golden billion" is deaf and blind to the sufferings of billions of earth dwellers — indigent and starving billions.
  • The regress of civilization is present — the neofeudalism and even the return to a slave-owning society with the newest methods of consciousness control and manipulation — a "computer slave collar".
  • The system of total electronic control of free personality is building up. This is inconsistent with the ideals of spiritual freedom. The cardinal danger of world computerization and creation of a total net society in return is a transformation of a human into a cyber-system element, into a cyborg.
  • Genetic engineering is directed to the prolongation of life only for the world elite and to breeding of happy slaves in computer concentration camps.

The problem is that many people don't notice and realize even these evident negative aspects in the life of humanity. In the short-range outlook, as multilevel psychomanipulation and psychozombing deepen, the possibility itself of critical and creative perception of what happens on the planet will fade away. Thereby the main principle of personality freedom will disappear.

The question arises as to whether transpersonal psychology reflects the global planetary crisis. In fact, exactly transpersonal psychology, oriented to the perception of a spiritual source in a human should be worried above all of what is going on!

What did we have at the time of the cradle of transpersonal psychology? What inspired a keen interest in millions of thinking people during their search for spirituality to turn to transpersonal psychology?

Initially there were the high ideals of spiritual and moral selfless devotion and the struggle against mechanistic pseudo-scientific orthodoxy. These were strivings for creation of a new natural-science paradigm integrating the Western and Eastern world models — materialistic and spiritual and mystic conceptions. The followers of transpersonal psychology were inspired with the idea of awakening deep reserves peculiar to a human organism and psyche, primarily granted by the Divine Intent.

All this is seen to be false for our times.

The idea of the awakening of super abilities, deep reserves initially embodied in a human being, insensibly has changed to the idea of "prosthesis" — the creation of a "human-cyborg".

Idealism has changed to unadorned pragmatism. Transpersonal movement has transformed into one of the subdivisions serving an army of "new nomads" (in Atali's words; he is one of the principal ideologists of a new global project), waging the information-psychological war of universal propagation of mass-culture ideals. Now it becomes clearer that this causes the spiritual colonization of the Earth and the imminent extermination of the treasuries of national-cultural originality of peoples. Transpersonal psychology became a sort of show business with pseudo-spiritual elements. Instead of the spiritual quest and struggle against the ideology of consumer society, instead of the search for new ways of civilization development we see its conversion to the power supplying the imitation of spirituality, to the trap for people looking for the way out of consumer society deadlock. Instead of the search for new ways of personal evolution, the creation of pseudo-clones of existent spiritual traditions takes place.

We state that the claims to "expansion of consciousness" in present practice of transpersonal psychology, without understanding of metaphysical and psychological laws of psycho manipulation, are the perilous illusions of "spiritual progress", spiritual temptation.

Transpersonal psychology persistently doesn't notice new problems emerging. First of all, problems connected with the latest information technologies and computer virtual reality. And yet new investigations show that the computer systems become the strongest instrument influencing on the deep levels of psyche, often more intense than even LSD and other hallucinogens. For the new generations more often the phantom images of virtual realities, games, Internet etc. get more real than outward visual environment. Cellular phone and computer substitute for friends, dear and close people. The result is the danger of abandonment of the human essence and the sense of existence as "God's image".

Transpersonal psychology validates the present version of the globalism project with the idea of "new nomads" occupying the world. Transpersonal psychology connives at the idea of surplus population on the planet. Thus transpersonal psychology proves to be involved in the ideological cover of the war of establishing the New World Order, during which a lot of earth dwellers can die, predicted in the Revelation by John the Evangelist, in prophecies of "Shambhala war" and in the other spiritual traditions. Instead of the helper on the way of spiritual search transpersonal psychology is turning gradually into the pseudo-spiritual narcotic. Thus transpersonal psychology becomes the disturber of spiritual rules of the Universe in terms of evangelic words: "It is impossible but that offences will come: but woe unto him, through whom they come!" (Luk 17:1).

We would like to return to the origins of transpersonal tradition and to restore the lost ideals amplified with a new reality of the present. Transpersonal psychology has a need for the serious rethinking of its methodological-theoretic fundamentals. It requires the following:

1. Reconstruction of interdisciplinary contacts:

  • Deep interrelationship with the other sources of knowledge of human and society — human-oriented science on the whole.
  • Leveling of support on theological knowledge from various religious and philosophic systems.
  • Acceptance of the new concepts of natural science (dynamic chaos theory, synergetics, quantum models of reality etc.).

2. Consideration of the newest factors affecting the deepest levels of a human psyche:

  • Modern information technologies of communication (cellular telephony, Internet etc.).
  • Computer virtual reality; study of the psychological effects of images of illusive world picture — a surrogate of the objective reality.
  • Factors of the side psychotronic effects of household devices and technosphere on the whole.

3. Understanding of the negative metaphysical aspect of interaction with the spheres of the invisible subtle world:

  • Estimation of the role of infernal forces in the withdrawal of humanity from the spiritual laws in the realm of pseudo-spirituality disguised as "powers of light".
  • Problem of atomization of the human personality in the consumer society of "free competition".
  • Consideration of the new reality of modern information technologies and psychotronic influences (for example, household devices, special police and military generators in the form of antenna and satellite systems).

4. Focusing attention on the problem of multilevel veiled manipulation:

  • Research of impact of exterior imagosphere semantics (advertising, brands, political PR and so on).
  • Study of the structure of information viruses and their influence on a human.
  • Development of principles and methods of information-psychological safety — multifold manipulation protection (magic hypnosis, rural magic and black shamanism, different forms of channeling and obsession with destructive spiritual forces).

5. Elaboration of reflection problem of planetary socio-political phenomena by transpersonal psychology:

  • Development of traditional ideas of multidimensional reality, metahistorical relationships and influence of "subtle worlds" on the ideological, socio-political, economic processes and history on the whole.
  • Study of construction of adequate images of the New World Order, its metahistorical aspects, overcoming the personal mythology and protective mechanisms of a human on the individual and group levels.
  • Orientation toward the balance of planetary integration and preservation of national-cultural diversity. Humanity should become an open society of peoples, built on the principles of mutual aid and real brotherhood.

6. Negotiation of transmutation into "commercial spirituality" of the New Age style. It is impossible to buy spirituality in principle.

7. Elaboration of new information-psychological technologies of spiritual and moral transformation and awakening of deep reserves of a human. The synthesis between the ancient traditional methods and the newest scientific achievements and technologies.

We invite a creative conversation for everyone who shares our concern about the actual state of transpersonal psychology.


Evgueny Faydysh
President of Russian Foundation of Transpersonal Psychology

Andrey Gostev
Vice-president of Russian Foundation of Transpersonal Psychology

December 23, 2005


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