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Evgueny Faydysh

One of the paradoxes of the modern civilisation is the simultaneous development of the democratic traditions and institutes and the rapid rise of the manipulative methods and technologies. These are importunate adverts and sophisticated ways to get electors' votes, creation of the political images and the hardest forms of suppression the personality in pseudo-religious sects, secret societies and extremist political groups.

In order to understand metahistorical origins of the manipulation, obsession and psycho-energetic parasitism, one should go beyond the usual three-dimensional world and switch to the multidimensional picture of reality, the hierarchy of the subtle worlds. As it has already been mentioned, people of the traditional cultures always saw events of our world as the reflection of the processes taking place in the subtle spaces, connected with Earth — worlds of Gods and Demons. On the other hand, the earthy events also influenced the subtle reality.

From this point of view, all humanity and its particular representatives are constantly influenced by the beings of the subtle worlds. However, the nature of this influence can greatly vary. For instance the influence of the Spirits of Light, the teachers of the human kind can hardly be called manipulative. They never impose on the people their will and presence, do not try to buy them and respect the original freedom of the human being.

The contact with the spirits from the worlds of the lower range presents in the completely different way. Here we face the most sophisticated forms of manipulation. These are temptations with variable kinds of welfare and advantages in exchange for the obeying. And the whole range of the joys of flesh: sex, power, wealth, health and youth. More sophisticated ones are tempted with the knowledge, wisdom and magic super-abilities.

Let us examine the most risky (from the obsession point of view) levels of the human psyche, in order to understand better the mechanisms of the obsession. Simplifying, three main levels responsible for our behaviour can be distinguished (see figure 1). These are behavioural mechanisms located in our nervous system. They form a complicated hierarchy with the aware and unaware desires, motivating our behaviour, on the top, emotional centres. The simplest motor reactions, behavioural stereotypes, mechanisms of perception are in the bottom.

Fig. 1. Structure of human behavioural mechanisms.

The second level controls and maintains sufficient order of the behavioural mechanisms, resisting the increase of chaos. This function is particularly important because our behavioural mechanisms present a dissipative, non-equilibrium system that, left alone, quickly moves towards the growing chaos and basically becomes unable to work properly. This is one of the main differences between human psyche and modern computers, which, being equilibrium systems, do not need such regulative mechanisms.

The ancient traditions usually connect this second anti-chaotic behavioural level with the so-called subtle body (acupuncture channels and chakras) and the maintenance of the high level of the vital energy. Vital energy seems to be the oldest analogy of the modern negentropy concept. Hence, this very level defines the resource of the vitality, behavioural tonus, the strength of desire and motivation. If its work is disturbed, a person becomes limp and passive, his desires fade and the behaviour loses its normal integrity and sensibility. In other words, we see the typical symptoms of the syndrome of the chronic tiredness, featuring modern industrially developed societies.

Finally, the third and the highest level keeps the deepest behavioural archetypes that are as a rule placed beyond the local life experience, they define the sense of the human life, its fullness and unity fully manifested in the religious and mystic experience, on the top of the creative activity. Exceptional features of the human personality, something that makes a human unique and different from a machine, are also connected with this level. Creative and spiritual potential of a person depends on the strength of the connection between the third and the first behavioural level, the control of the third one over the first one. If this contact is weak or missing, we get a human-biorobot, driven by blind bestial instincts, a typical necrophil.

The majority of the spiritual, really religious practices are oriented towards the deepening this contact, subordinating the chaos of the bestial instincts to higher spiritual goals, sublimating their energy up. Many ancient traditions relate this upper third level with the immortal human soul, experience of reincarnation and karma. Besides, it is often said that the subtle body (the second level) plays a role of a kind of an interface, intermediate element connecting soul and body.

Let us now have a closer look at the ways demonic beings enter our world, how manipulation and penetration into the human psyche take place.

Scenarios of Intrusion from the Necrosphere

When we speak of the subtle beings penetrating our world we should not forget that their nature is as a rule multidimensional. Our world is penetrated by their three-dimensional projections only. This results in the whole range of the unusual features visibly different from our daily experience. So, for example, there is no point to look for "the door" leading to the other reality in some spot of our physical space. This is a typical mistake of those who seek the entrance to Shambhala. The boundary between the worlds lies in the fourth dimension and the passage can open in any point of our space.

Furthermore, the same multidimensional being can simultaneously enter many distant points of the three-dimensional space and find itself in our world. For instance, through the screens of the working TV-sets in different in different cities and countries. The more is the number of the points, the easier and fuller the penetration is. This reminds of the restoration of the image from the hologram. The complete image can be restored from any of its fragment, yet, the smaller the fragment is, the less sharp and clear the image is.

In this case one should speak of the fractal boundary between the worlds, i.е., the boundary presenting the plenty of the fractional measure, projected on our three-dimensional space. In our world this boundary will look as many disconnected points or lines, forming a complicated, self-alike structure, something as a pattern or a lace on the earthy surface.

More concentrated fields of such fractal boundary usually coincident with abnormal (geo-pathologic) zones, places of power. Correspondingly, the proper control over the places of power and abnormal zones of our planet ensures the inaccessibility of the boundary for the creatures from the necrosphere (the parts of the lower world connected with the spirits of the dead). Ancient megalithic constructions as stone circles, dolmens, labyrinths seemed to serve this very purpose.

Multidimensional fractal boundary is not necessarily tied to the geographic landscape. It can run along informational, psychological, social and other cuts of our reality. And so it can be tied to the bearers of the particular mystic tradition or religion, ethnic community dispersed all over different countries and continents. Such community can be also formed by the members of a certain social group who do not necessarily live together, for example, hackers or gamers (fans of computer games), Esperanto-lovers or sexual minorities.

The border can be penetrated successfully if the community is not formal but consists of people "tuned" to each other and emotionally connected. In this respect the Internet appears to be a good mean of unification. The tuning for the archetypes of the lower world is also very important. It creates resonance interaction, necessary for the penetration of the necrosphere representatives. From this point of view, we are witnessing the establishment of the huge passage to the lower world, leading through the brains of gamers, visitors of pornographic sites and other consumers of such production.

Search for Potential Carriers

The penetration itself is not enough for the demonic being. Appropriate carriers should be found. The search is as a rule conducted through the resonance interaction of the subtle energies. It reminds of the radio liaison when the message finds everyone who is tuned to the corresponding code or frequency.

Such search can be passive when the strongest vibrations of the lower chakras and the energy of power, violence, lust, hatred etc. are observed. They help to define a potential victim.

In other cases active scanning is used when a certain category of people is sent some information or energy activating some low desires, destructive behaviour. Then the object for the obsession is used according to the reaction to this influence. This influence can be transferred through some subtle channels, for instance when one is asleep or through some usual informational channels as TV, the Internet etc.

Such search can be conducted among certain groups or communities whose members do not necessarily live close to each other. The choice is defined by the aims of the obsession. If, for example, a metahistorical influence is prepared and its aim is to change the geo-political situation, this group can be the political elite of the chosen country or its opposition electorate or the surrounding of the important political leader (naturally if the leader himself is well protected and cannot be influenced directly).

The obsession can develop according to many variable scenarios, yet, as a rule the following stages are present:

  1. Preparative influence is oriented towards chakra structures and motivation system. The main idea of such influence is to activate lower chakras (mainly Svadhisthana and Manipura) and at the same time block the upper ones and strengthen the split of the Heart centre. Personal contact with the upper chakras gets blocked on the Anahata level, activation of the self and egocentrism also takes place here (Hrit — the energetic centre under Anahata).
  2. The establishment of the mythological buffer in the victim's psyche — a psychological structure that deforms the perception of reality, removes guilty feelings, conscience (for example the stereotype of the "healthy competition" sweeps away the mercy towards losers, the principle of the restoration of the "historical justice" liberates and justifies terrorists and murders etc.).
  3. Activation of the "weak points" of this person (for example, desire for power, cruelty, grovelty, lust, megalomania etc.)
  4. Installation of the guarding virus programme blocking all social contacts and sources of knowledge that are able to destroy the mythological buffer and rebuild the system of values. It is an important condition of the stability of the psycho-manipulative influence and its results.

When these stages are conducted successfully, the channelling itself can take place when the direct contact with the subtle creature is established. This can happen when the person is asleep, is in the altered states of consciousness or is even awake. Very often such demonic teacher appears in some disguise as a fair spirit, spiritual teacher, space newcomer etc.

Not only paranormal channels, but also traditional mass media means, modern electronic mechanisms are used in the process of the penetration of human psyche. Maybe for this very reason one of the most intense zones of the invasion is related to the mass media sphere. Television, films, adverts, computer games etc. help to create the informational space enabling the invasion from the necrosphere by deforming the human psyche in the needed direction.

Obviously the vast majority of the mass media staff has nothing to do with satanists. Everything they do is believed to be just a usual business, survival in the conditions of the severe competition with no any moral norms.

According to the nature of the multidimensional reality, the same subtle being can simultaneously obsess several people, forming a fan or tree structure. The fan structure is typical for the parallel obsession of the several carriers. The tree structure occurs when the obsession is passed from one person to another as if by chain (so called cascade channelling). This is a typical scenario of the recruiting new members for the totalitarian sects. More or less the same mechanisms can be found in many systems of the net marketing. Undoubtedly, in reality both obsession scenarios are usually composed (the fan-cascade obsession).

During the fan obsession demon simultaneously penetrates psyche of the several people. When such demonic being enters our world it starts to seek for everybody who resonates with its energies. In other words anybody who has any disturbances in the sphere of moral norms, honour, spiritual ethics, is addicted to some negative attachments, may become its victim.

The demonic influence starts to deform the behaviour, bring it down to the bestial instincts, envy, hatred, pride etc. Besides, some memories get blocked, the false ones are added instead or the interpretation of the real events from the past deforms. This strengthens the resonance and, hence, the influence. This is not a channelling yet, but it is another step towards it. Gradually the person becomes an obeying tool of the demon and then he or she turns into a zombie to get fully obsessed next.

Figures 2 and 3 present visions of the obsession. These pictures are made by Kairat Kairbekov on the basis of the visioners' sketches. They show that the being enters all structures of the subtle body at the same time: chakras, acupuncture channels and also nervous system and brain. That is why the liberation from the manipulative influence is not an easy task.

Fig. 2. Human channeling by a demonic being.


Fig. 3. Human channeling by a demonic being.

The fan effect manifests through the simultaneous penetration of the large number of people especially during some critical historical moments. They all can be manifestations of the same demon! The probability of the obsession is especially high among those connected with a zombie or on whom this person is concentrated. This can strengthen the resonance effect, particularly if there are some weak points, which are in addition similar to the ones of the primary victim.

In the process of the cascade channelling the next agent can use the whole range of the manipulative technologies to recruit the new members and establish the deeper contact with them. Subordinating parents through the healing of a weak or ill child is a very common method. Nowadays magic support of the business, family wellbeing, love affairs is also widely used.

Invasion through informational and computer environment

As we have already mentioned, subtle beings (spirits) cannot directly influence thick, material objects. Or, to be more precise, the energies of their direct influences are so insignificant and can provoke some visible physical manifestations only in the special cases. For example, when the physical system can easily lose its balance, is unstable. Then the smallest impulse is able to change its state. In physics such situation is called the bifurcation point. A needle, placed vertically on its sharp end, can be an example. The direction of its fall will be defined by scornfully small chaotic influences. Spirits can directly influence material world in such moments of instability.

However, in spite of the insignificance of the energy of the influence its consequences can be impressive. So the physical systems distant from the balance (dissipate systems) know the so-called butterfly effect, discovered by an American physician Edward Lorents. It means that the impact of the energy comparable with the movement of the butterfly's wings can influence the state of the system, bearing the energy of the several hydrogen bombs. It can, for example, provoke the appearance of the destructive atmospheric whirlwind of the cyclone. Therefore, if the natural conditions are suitable, the world of spirits can influence the natural processes and human destiny to the huge extend. Yet, one should usually wait for these appropriate conditions for a rather long time. That is why spirits need mediators or carriers whose bodies are made of matter and whose behavioural mechanisms can be guided.

In previous epochs these mediators could be animals or people — mediums whose psyche was unprotected, which could occur under the influence of drugs, extreme situations or due to the genetic predisposition. Obviously, the behaviour of an animal gives fewer opportunities than the human behaviour, therefore they are less attractive for the spirits. Now this sphere became much wider due to the computerisation.

Still, computers miss one very important thing featuring all living creatures, they do not have vital energy. And spirits need this very energy. This is the "currency" a shaman pays for the service of subtle beings. From this point of view it is clear that penetration of the computer system is always in some way connected with the obsession of the people related to it and used as the source of the vital energy. In fact modern virtual reality is free of this kind of problem. Numerous gamers and porno-sites visitors are great delivers of the vital energy. Hence, it can be the case that the rapid development of the corresponding spheres of the virtual industry is connected with the invisible support of the subtle beings from the lower world.

As soon as we accept the possibility of the existence of the field forms of life (spirits), subtle reality and metahistorical connections, the consequences of the global computerisation will look different. As it was mentioned many times, complex computer nets can become non-dirigible and escape human control. The more complex the system is, the more elements it contains, the smaller these elements are, the stronger the quantum effects, responsible for its spontaneity and unpredictability, become.

In other words, a microprocessor of a modern computer is a super complicated system consisting of many millions of transistors whose size is close to molecular and whose work is strictly synchronised. In such system quantum effects create an opportunity of the unpredictable behaviour and non-programmed external influence. It is important to stress that as processors become more and more powerful and minute at the same time these effects will grow stronger.

Schemes of the Necrosphere Attacks over Computer Systems

Computer nets can be attacked by the necrosphere spirits in some simpler ways. For instance it is enough to penetrate the psyche of some gifted hacker and motivate him to create a computer virus, which will reprogram the work of the net in the desired direction. It is also possible to create some computer viruses-receivers that increase computer sensitivity towards the influence from the subtle world. Who knows, such viruses may already exist.

It is not too difficult to channel a hacker, for those people are usually brought up in the primitive materialism, do not believe in any subtle powers and are as a rule pretty far from any religion. Therefore all protective mechanisms are maximally weakened. The loving attitude to the games, virtual sex and other things of that kind creates a proper channel for the penetration of one's psyche.

Besides, the Web is already full of "gurus" praising the computer contact with the other world and propagating it as the absolute good (cyber-shamanism). Naturally, neither the risks of such contact, nor the existence of the dark powers are ever mentioned. In the nearest future one can easily expect the wide spread of the net occultism and shamanism, different kinds of the computer satanism. Correspondingly, in the depths of these sects the elaboration of the new generations of the computer viruses and even more serious soft ware products for the invasion from the necrosphere can be started.

The creation of the computer complexes for the genetic engineering, directed by the spirits from the lower world, also looks real. This can result into the appearance of the demonic humanity, which was foreseen by many spiritual teachers and somehow felt by the gifted writers. It is enough to think of the igvas from The Rose of the World or the orcs from Lord of the Ring.

We still have time to escape such scenarios of the historical development. Nevertheless, to do this we should become aware of the existence of the subtle effects in the work of the modern computer systems, dangers and benefits of this phenomenon.

Informational Viruses

Informational or psychological viruses are one of the most efficient manipulative tools. They remind their computer relatives and present stable, autonomic informational structures dwelling in the human psyche. Correspondingly, the transmission channel for the majority of the psychological viruses leads through the five senses. They can have their source in other people or mass media, variable adverts and mass culture production.

On the behavioural level these viruses can manifest as stable behavioural and perceptive stereotypes, externally imposed on the person, autonomic structures that control and modify one's behaviour. Variable ways of the post-hypnotic suggestion, as, for example, the coding against the alcoholic dependence, are also a kind of the psychological virus.

Although many psychological viruses are able to multiply, it is not their inevitable attribute. Behavioural patterns of the participants of the different kinds of the net marketing can be a good example of the self-multiply psychological viruses. If you enter this structure you are able to earn some money only if you recruit some new members. Hence, you try to impose on others the net behavioural stereotypes at any cost. Self-multiplication mechanisms are also typical for the psychological viruses controlling the behaviour of the members of different sects and totalitarian groups.

Psychological viruses can consist of the informational ingredient only, but they are much more effective when they also have the psycho-energetic structure. Matching the informational, psycho-energetic and sometimes material ingredient is typical for the traditional magic techniques. This ensures incomparably better stability of the virus, additional channels of the influence the psycho-emotional sphere through the structures of the subtle body, gives more ways to enter victim's organism. Such psychological virus can be transmitted with some food or drink and not only by informational channels. That is why all ancient peoples are very mindful about what they eat and drink.

The structure of the psycho-energetic virus is, naturally, much more complicated and reminds of the subtle being. It includes not only the informational and programme ingredient, but also some vortex structures creating the subtle body. This way the penetration takes place in both, the psyche and the subtle body structures.

The modern informational psychological or computer virus can be created in the similar way. In this case the vortex psycho-energetic cover can be combined with the informational ingredient, which will result in the appearance of the very stable double-level virus structure. Each level will be able to restore the other one if it is distracted, so in order to get rid of such virus, both its ingredients should be destroyed simultaneously.

If in addition the thick body exists, it gives the most durable type of the virus, for the whole hierarchy of the bodies should be destroyed. Before this body could be made of some magically elaborated substance brought into the organism with food, liquid or even air. However, these were balanced systems with the inflexible structure, which resulted in the little informational capacity and stability of the installed programme.

Qualitatively new horizons are open by the modern information carriers and highly integrated micro-schemes (diskettes, CD, chip-cards, mobile informational gadgets as digital players, cellular phones, games etc.). As the carriers of the informational and psycho-energetic ingredient (vortex body) they are much more effective due to their high informational capacity and easy reprogramming. Although it looks sad, in the nearest future we are likely to face some new technical-magic technologies.

Predisposition for Obsession

The awareness and the control over one's own weaknesses, enabling the external impose on one's psyche is an important condition of the prevention of the obsession and intense forms of channelling. Such "weak points" create predisposition for the obsession, favour topological resonance with demonic energy.

The most critical moments are motivation and value systems:

  • Self-affection, a person appreciates him or herself not in the perspective but as he or she is now. The result is the principle "to seem and not to be";
  • Rapture in power and control over other people;
  • Cruelty;
  • Lust.

The next significant moment is behavioural and perceptive cliche, strict stereotype reactions defining the perception of the information and the reaction to certain situations. Some of these cliches are:

  • Mono-polar perception, i.e. disability to see the same situation from different points of view;
  • Aggressive reaction towards any information that does not match this person's believes, towards any critics or unpleasant action;
  • Strongly manifested conformism;
  • Double standard.

Besides, the following perceptive stereotypes favour manipulative impact — reinterpretation, in other words, the adjustment of the perceived information to the convenient for this person point of view or to some social standards. In this case the person lacks the opportunity to get aware of the fact of the manipulative influence or hear the warning from the others. For example, any information concerning the poor condition of the attack's object are treated as some pressure, negative attitude, insult, evident lie, envy and even an attempt to zombie!!!

This way the person avoids discussing the problem, manifests glutinous, viscous way of thinking, inability to look at the situation from different points of view. All this is a sign of the obsession or the predisposition to it.

The system of myths installed in the human consciousness also belongs to the perceptive templats. In fact the necrosphere can be the source of many such myth patterns. They enter social consciousness through the people under the channelling — writers, philosophers, film producers etc.

Myths Favouring and Strengthening Manipulation

The rationalism myth, deeply rooted in the social conscience is one of the examples of those myths. Its creators are Renaissance thinkers: Voltaire, Rousseau etc. It was for the first time widely used during the French Revolution. Simplified, in can be put in the following way: "All this is a prejudice" — there is no any demonic influence, social manipulation is a fiction and schizophrenia. "the only things that really matter are freedom, democracy and open society".

It is clear that this myth is oriented towards the people with the materialistic outlook. Its stability is based on the suppressed fears and the lack of self-confidence: if there is nothing, then there is nothing to be afraid of. As a result protection against magic and manipulative influences is removed and mindfulness gets blocked.

Another myth is oriented towards those, who accept the probability of the existence of the other world powers, but are not connected with the real traditions. These are variable New Age circles, healers-extrasenses, Castaneda followers and other neo-shamans.

One of its versions is based on the faith in the patronage of the powerful forces and one's own exclusiveness. This leads to the illusion of the all-permissiveness and one's own invulnerability. The result is the same: the scorn attitude to the beyond, provocative behaviour, removal of the protective barriers.

The new Age environment knows some other versions of this myth of one's own invulnerability. "Love, get more open and your love will transform everything". Or "the spirit of light out of reach of the evil powers, open, sincere and invulnerable".

The efficiency of this attitude is usually illustrated by the lives of the saints from different traditions, who were able to transform the evil powers with their love and were invulnerable to them. The fact that the holiness is a result of the many years of ascetics, non-attachment to the material welfare and the renunciation of them, huge spiritual power. Something holly can be hardly found in an average person who is offered to try this myth on.

Its durability is based on the pride, suppressed fears, the lack of faith into the real existence of the other world. Very often esoteric practices are treated by modern people as a game, something virtual. These myths are oriented towards the esoteric underground, towards those who believe without believe and only play in mystic and magic.


At the end we would like to say a few words about prevention and protection against possible obsession. The most important thing is to discover the obsession symptoms on time and start to work with the negative attachments. Certainly it is difficult to manage on one's own. It is essential to react properly on the feedback from the close people and analyse instead of get insulted.

Anybody can become a victim of the obsession, the only difference is that a spiritual person quickly understands it and starts to struggle while a weak person becomes a slave of the self-affection and "potency", turns into bio-robot. One of the best remedies is a sacrifice and serving higher goals.


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