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русская версия


by Evgueny Faydysh

Chapter 1




Since ancient times, people have known about the existence of the invisible subtle-material world and this interest is coming forward more and more today in exploring the reality of teachers coming forth from the invisible realms. Pervaded within religious teachings, ancient magic customs, existing "shamanism", and in nearly any kind of popular healing, the realm of subtle reality is being spoken of across the world. This existence of numeral invisible realities or beings dwelling in the mountains, woods, and rivers, sometimes is inaccessible to direct perception for some, and for others readily available.

However, for the last several centuries, certain civilizations have preferred to cast aside this part of reality. In doing so, with unrealized desires, psychological traumas and other destructive complexes, a kind of laystoll dumping ground dimension has formed through the accumulation of huge charges of negative energy. It is possible for sudden fits of aggression or deep depression to result from this type of accumulation of energy making millions of people unhappy and affecting vital energy. Through this type of blockage, limitation has occurred of the ability to even imagine the great resources and opportunties hidden in their psychies that exist.

Very apparent is that in this world there exists a very complicated external physical reality and the interest of the modern society towards the internal psychic human world will lead to the beginning of revealing keys to such eternal problems as happiness, harmony, love, creativity, religion and God.

Now we can begin to understand that a fairy-tale, legend, or myth is the rumination of experiences of contacts with other levels of reality. Although not seen or not heard as in a radio wave that we cannot see, the affects and the energKalachakra, Tibetan Book of the Dead, Western European celts, Syberian shamanism and (Chapter 6) of Rose of the World by Daniil Andreev.

Nevertheless, the subtle world brings not only danger and trouble. It is a source of the strongest and the deepest emotional experiences that inspire painters and poets. It contains the source of creativity and new knowledge. Great scientists as Albert Einstein, Max Bor, Carl Yung and others have spoken of their contacts with that part of reality as of a source of inspiration. And, certainly, the contact with other higher levels of reality presents an essence of any religion and the source of mystic experience.

The aim of this book is to unveil, at least up to the certain extant, the incredible multidimensional reality where we all live and to show how it interacts with the usual world and influences our individual destinies and the history of human kind. The most important thing is to teach the simplest rules of dealing with it, taking into account and correcting the ways it influences our daily life and destiny.

This makes necessary to learn about some special features of multidimensional subtle reality, its space and time, its dwellers, its mechanisms of pervading our usual world, to study cartography of the nearest spaces (Chapters 1, 3). The presented principles are illustrated by large amount of maps composed on the basis of esoteric experiences of such traditions as Indian tantra, Indian and Tibetan Buddhism, Kalachakra, Tibetan book of Dead, Western European Celts, Siberian shamanism and Rose of the World by Daniil Andreev (Chapter 6).

The author describes in Chapters 1 and 2, which great attention is paid to the internal experience of contacts with subtle-material worlds, to the work in different states of mind (DSM), to the danger and difficulties of such submersions. In Chapter 4, 5, and the appendix to Chapter 5, the author describes personally tested psychological and psychoenergetical hints and helpful things necessary for such submersions and gives the information concerning their preparing. All this is generalization of the knowledge obtained in the monasteries of India, Nepal, Thailand, and during expeditions to unknown places of our planet.

The attitude developed in the book is based on the synthesis of the newest ideas of the modern science in combination with ancient esoteric traditions and modern spritual experience. Here, in Chapters 3 and 4, one can find much information about further development of ancient esoteric psychotechnics and gadgets based on modern scientific and technical projects. Within the context of this book, new types of generators, resonators and modulator of vital energy and focusing mechanisms will be discussed. The modern development of Feng Shui tradition that allows to take into account the influence of different technical mechanisms (Appendices 1, 3, 5), present in our homes or near them and can be used for preparing the place for submersion.

Appendix 4 contains the author's original project, the computer system, which enables scanning invisible informational fields and to get information from past and future. The data on its testing is from the megalithic stone circles in Scotland, which is 6-7 thousand years old. Ancient places in the high mountains on the boundary of Nepal and Tibet are included in Appendices 2 and 4.

The book stresses the problem of connection between religion and mysticism and one of the global questions — the nature of good and evil. It underlines the necessity of harmonic composing of work in different states of mind with religious practice and gives the needed criteria which enable self control and prevent the overtaken of the dark bestial element and spiritual degradation. It also describes the easiest hints, methods, and mechanisms that help to avoid possible negative influences of the subtle-material level: vampirism, zombiing, and obsession. At this time there is great concern of the danger of getting into various psychomanipulative, pseudo religious sects and in Chapter 7 preventive rules will be offered to avoid entrapment into this type of harmful manipulation.




Chapter 1


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